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The Chanderi saree collection of Unnati Silks

Chanderi Cottons - The Chanderi cotton sarees at Unnati display an extraordinary array and wide range of colourful creations. You have dark coloured cotton saris with bagh block prints and printed borders. You have floral booti bagh prints with zari borders. There are plain sarees with multi colour checks with dark borders or zari borders.There are stripes in two colours spread across the saree with delightful neon borders and there are neon chanderi cotton saris with light to dar motifs beautifully distributed al over the saree.

Chanderi Sicos - The fusion range of Chanderi Sicos offered by Unnati Silks includes a whole range of Kalamkaris. Kalamkari, is craftsmanship through the use of a pen, an ethnic art involving hand-painting or block printing on Sarees. Subjects of Gods, temple hangings, epic scenes and other religious themes, flora and fauna as motifs with trees, creepers, flowers, leaves, birds as some of the popular subjects adorn the Chanderi Sico saree. Marked features of this fusion style are simplicity, good use of natural organic colours . Employed on the Chanderi Sico Saree, the Kalamkari addition through hand block prints and stylish pen work makes it look grand, that the Saree becomes apt for weddings, bridal attire, corporate wear, as also suitable for festive occasions like Sankranthi, Diwali, Dushera, Pongal etc.

There are the Rapid block prints with the latest designs, with exquisite kalamkari in beautiful floral spreads on contrast patch borders and designer pallus. Visualize light backdrops with dark hand block prints with gicha woven borders and a floral designer pallu Or a white background filled in with block prints in red and green and matched by a red and black velvet patch border and a self coloured pallu with kalamkari prints. Then you have a whole lot of neons beautifully done up with the popular and stylish checks pattern. Light hued to white sarees with attractive patterns and catchy designs, mesmerizing double colour striped sarees with neon borders, sensational multi-coloured neons, checks pattern dark coloured sico sarees with contrasting bright neon borders, dark coloured sarees with shiny zari bootis all over.

Chanderi Silk Sarees - The Chanderi Silk saris at Unnati display an extraordinary array of Designer prints and neon varieties. There are dark coloured block prints with light and medium multi-coloured fancy borders and designer pallu. Sober to subdued colours with light coloured eye-catching motifs that sensationalize. Half half sarees in matching shades of pastel colours and light-hued motifs with neon borders have a heightened effect. A whole lot of bright and tantalizing neons on display with stunning colour mixes. In fact the wedding Chanderi silk sarees are very eye-filling and exciting, with splendid Bootis and elegant attach patch borders with embroidery to complement.

The Chanderi Salwar Kameez

The Chanderi shalwar kameez at Unnati display an extraordinary array of finely woven fabrics in silk, sico and cotton that are finely woven and extraordinarily eye-catching. You have Designer prints and Neon varieties, that sport mesmerizing designs that include checks, stripes, floral and geometrical patterns as well as nice self-colour patola weaving on the kameez in light, bright and neon colours mostly. The embroidered Booti mostly has the mango or some foral motif since they are very popular. Salwars are generally plain to lightly adorned and contrasting. It is again the dupatta or chunni that complements the pretty picture. Same colour mostly as the plain salwar the adornments by way of designs, patterns, and motifs are spread out beautifully on the coloured backdrop in true designer fashion.

Chanderi Kurtis & kurtas

There is an explored and experimented range of Chanderi Sico kurtis and kurtas at Unnati Silks online. Not content with mere designs in the whole area of the fabric, the kurti has been divided into five portions mentally with different manner of adorning them. The neck portion with buttons is two part and fancy with dual colours. The main body has abstract geometrical, floral spread, flowery distributed motifs etc., with back following suit or slightly different. The sleeves have a different design, could be full, half, or other format. The borders could have single or two part adorning with each portion of the two different from the other. In some cases the back has a different design from the front. Colours are bright, prints are exotic, patterns are attractive, overall appeal extraordinary.

Chanderi Tunics

A special line of unique innovative designer women’s tunics online, with novel features, likeable and pleasing to the eye, has been displayed online at Unnati Silks, that has already received favorable feedback from the market. You have shoulder straps like for men’s shirts on the organic color block printed Chanderi tunics in different vibrant shades. You have the collar less pulled-down-the-head type in magnetic zigzag designs on Chanderi in three fourth sleeves format with bell sleeves, others with the short sleeves and sleeveless in floral displays.

Chanderi women’s shirts

An initial line-up of Indian ethnic variety handloom cotton women’s shirts in vibrant colors and artistic designs with special processes and weaving techniques with buttoned fronts, small elegant collars, short sleeves and other format variations was received so very nicely that it encouraged another creative line of designer shirts for women.

Purely handloom, shirts styled to look every inch designer with novel introductions and unique features, this range seems to be very promising. You have waist length shirts in floral design, with figurine motifs, delightful apple cuts, experimentation in the necks with straight collar, rounded collar, neck collar and other varieties. Then there are the formats of buttoning, hooks, zips etc. with stylish front pattern, sleeves from full to very short, designs in bright hues block printed in organic colors. You have shirts with the back portion extended beyond the length of the front part that is curiously exciting.

Chanderi Palazzo Pants

Experimenting with handloom cotton, with revolutionary ideas and imaginative prints of Dabu and Bagru, and silky creations in Chanderi, a new line of Palazzo Pants in handlooms has been created. Exotic designs and innovative patterns with international appeal has made creativity touch new heights. Printed Palazzo pants have been available since long, it is a foray into handloom cottons with Indian ethnic processes that has generated new interest. You can find floral arrays, geometrical shapes, zigzag patterns, diamond shaped color myriads and a lot more to capture your attention. Bottom flares range from small to the wide to accommodate comfortably and look attractive for most womanly sizes. Vegetable dyes that are skin friendly and durable, in colors vibrant and varied have been judiciously combined to present appealing outcomes.