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A Tunic is any of several types of garment for the body, usually simple in style, reaching from the shoulders to a length somewhere between the hips and the ankles. Kurtis are the adapted versions of the Western tunic and are a traditional piece of clothing for most South Asians, especially in the Indian Sub-Continent. They are designed to fit just right or slightly loose by women who mostly prefer to wear them with jeans. They can be styled to wear with different types of bottoms, with different accessories and footwear. A key factor that is focused upon is the body type for wearing the Kurti that suits.

Tunics – the Indian Kurtis and Kurtas

Tunics include the shorter kurtis and the longer kurtas, with the understanding that the kurtas are from shoulders, ending anywhere from just above the knees to calf height, have slightly loose fit, are worn with a loose salwar, a tight chudidar or a wrapped around dhoti. Kurtis have tighter fit, are from shoulders, ending anywhere above waist to slightly above the knees and generally preferred to be worn above jeans or a skirt. Both look great on leggings though. Though both men and women wear the kurta individually styled for each, the kurti is popularly worn by women across India. The kurti being of lighter material and a tighter fit, it has appeal and fashion sense for women of different shapes and sizes in the right choices.

Knowing body shapes for right fit

Body shapes define the structure of the body and help in the choice of the right tunic to look attractive.

1. Apple Shape - Apple shape body usually carries the weight around the mid part and has medium or large bust size, no waist definition and has a fairly large tummy.

2. Pear Shape - Pear shape body is characterized by smaller shoulders and bust with heavier hips and thighs with waist definition. Many Indian women have pear shape body.

3. Inverted triangle shape - Large shoulders, upper body broader than hips, skinny thighs and little or no waist definition.

4. Square Shape - Square shape body has slight waist definition with same width upper body and hips. Square shape is lacking in curves.

5. Hour Glass Shape - Upper body and hips have almost same width with waist definition. This body shape called curvy figure is very popular among teenage girls.

Other points to consider

  • Warmer skin tone goes well with warm colors that match the eyes or contrast with them. They should be ideally the colors that lift and flatter one’s tone.
  • One can find kurtis with beadwork or shiny threadwork that shine and glisten when light falls on them making one look like one is alight. It depends on how the wearer looks to the others that helps in making the choice.
  • Attire can make your look round or slimmer. There are several vogue secrets that may assist you disguise the bulge in your hips, thighs, abdomen and legs. Women who wish to appear slimmer and taller can choose plain or single color kurti. Dark color dresses give a lean look in comparison to light colored kurti. Light horizontal stripes & pattern must be avoided, vertical stripes & pattern may be chosen. A V neck kurti is an added bonus.
  • Select kurti which has figure friendly fabrics such as knit fabric, tightly woven fabrics such as silk, polyester and wool. Prefer soft cotton and thin fabric kurti which closer to your skin and highlights your curves. Avoid kurti which has thick, shiny and heavily textured fabrics.
  • Loose kurti gives a shapeless heavy look, tight makes one look bigger than one actually is. A dark, correctly fitting kurti adds inches to the look.

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