Chanderi is a fort town of Madhya Pradesh, India, with the Chanderi fort located on top of a hill, at a level of 71 meters above the town, and was built during the Mughal period. Chanderi is famous all over India and today overseas as well for its special, distinguishable and finely woven traditional handloom sarees made of silk and cotton. The Chanderi Fabric is known for centuries for its transparency, the famous hand woven Buttis, a lot of zari work and its sheer texture, besides other special features that have been included over time.

Historical Background of Chanderi

Chanderi being at a strategic location due to its height and fortifications has been originally constructed by the Hindu king Kirti Pal in the 11th Century. It has been invaded and destroyed by the Mughals and others several times, as has been re-constructed each time. Over time it also developed into a historical fort town with many temples, mosques, gardens, palace structures that can be seen even today.