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                                            Pure Cotton sarees – an inspirational stretch of variety

An advantage in pure handlooms

India is famous for its traditional handlooms. A loom is a device used to make cloth where the warp threads are stretched under tension longitudinally, to facilitate the interweaving of the weft threads laterally. Fabrics made on looms operated by hand, are known as handlooms.

Handlooms are the soul of Indian ethnic, the means of livelihood for millions with a glorious past and a promising future. Woven across the length and breadth of India at different locations, each location having its own tradition of weaving there are innumerable varieties of sarees with names based mostly on the locations where they traditionally belong.

The greatest advantage of handlooms is that no two sarees are woven alike, there would be a subtle to notable difference discernible to the naked eye. This summons in variety, interests the market, and also keeps the weaver motivated to innovate constantly. The time period for completion of a saree could vary from a couple of days to a week, but devotion and dedication are woven into the fabric making the outcome desirable to the buyer.

Cotton – very well-suited fabric for handlooms

Cotton is a widely preferred natural fibre material that is soft, smooth textured, light, airy, sheer and very comfortable as a fabric for daily wear and long durations. Pure handloom Cottons are good plain weaves of simple lattice of closely placed yarn threads that are durable, and skin-friendly.

The physical qualities of cotton as good fabric material of comfort and feel, absorbent during hot and insulating in cold weather conditions, are welcome features. In addition, with mercerization cotton also acquires additional strength and lustre. As a fabric material it is very versatile as it provides good affinity to most colour dyes, blends very well with almost all other fabrics, sets a very good backdrop for block prints and all other nature of prints, absorbency of colour dyes is very high that ensures fastness and is the right canvas for adorning featuresthat enhance the look.

The popularity of handloom cottons

Pure handloom cotton has been sought after since traditional times, for the ease of availability as fabric material, an excellent fabric to work with, a very good substitute for the costlier silk, the ease of additions during and after the weaving process, an excellent fabric for experimenting on with successful outcomes, the virtue of absorbing colors evenly and not spreading, and with mercerization, a lustre that endears as much as it strengthens. Processes that have inspired fashion designers have been first tried out successfully on cotton like:

  • the exotic and lyrical patterns of Bandhani through the tie & dye process
  • the brilliance in execution of a complex calculated weave like ikat both in the single and double varieties
  • the floral spreads of Batik and the more creative Pen Batik
  • the complex embroidery of traditional India be it Kutchi, Kasuti, Parsi Garo, Kantha, Kashida, Chikankari, Jamdani, Phulkari or a host of other arty styles
  • the brilliance of the Kalamkari art that started with hand painting on woven cloth and today includes countless designs and combining patterns of hand block prints
  • the fabric enhancing features of patch work, appliqué, crochet, zari linings etc. the lovely outcomes from traditional printing processes like Dabu, Bagru, Bagh

The Spread of Unnati’s Handloom cottons.

At The variety and range of cotton handlooms at Unnati is vast. With the exceptionally fine South Handlooms of Gadwal, Uppada, Mangalagiri, Venkatagiri, Narayanpet, Rasipuram, Mysore, Dharmavaram, Kanjeevaram, Kerala, Madurai, Chettinad, you have the Northern belt handloom cottons of Kota, Chanderi, Banaras, the western India influence of Rajasthan, Jaipuri, the Rajkot cottons from Gujarat and the Eastern and North eastern varieties of Bengal, Odisha, Sambalpuri and Bomkai, Nagaland, Assam, and Meghalaya. Fine, soft, quality, handloom cotton weaves, with the individual special characteristics of each handloom variety of a region, the Unnati display is an awesome and enviable collection that caters to a wide range of tastes and likes – housed under a single roof.

Apart from different styles of weaving, you can see the innovative outcomes of creative ethnic processes like the ikkat, tie & dye, hand block prints, Dabu, Bagru and a whole host of others. Embroidery work like Jamdani, Kantha, Kasuti, Parsi work, Patola, Kutchi, Zardozi, Ari, Gota, Badla, Mirror work, Kundan work, sequins and other adorning features that decorate these sarees like Tribal art, Batik, Kalamkari, Warli painting, Patachitra, Paithani, Madhubani in a wide range of colours that enhance these cotton fabrics. With good blending qualities, cotton handlooms of traditional styles such as Gadwal, Uppada, Pochampalli, Kanchipuram, Mangalagiri, Venkatagiri, Narayanpet, Rasipuram, Kerala, Chettinad, Banaras, Kota, Orissa, Bengal have been used with silk to get blended Sico and Cotton silk fabrics of very good quality and durablity. Since they offer good canvas for prints, beautiful designer saree versions are available using traditional block bagru and dabu prints in a wide range of extremely vibrant and pleasing colours. Not to mention the exhilarating and stylish abstract painting, computer art, Hand painting etc. which have opened up new dimensions in adornment.

Why shop at Unnati?

There are very sound reasons for shopping with Unnati Silks, both online and at its offline stores at Hyderabad.

  • UnnatiSilks has a Rich legacy of three decades in the field of Indian textiles.
  • Variety available is 300 + from the four corners of India housed under a single roof.
  • The range includes weaves from 21 states of India, woven with devotion and dedication, made available from master weavers directly associated with Unnati.
  • A wide range of ready-to-ship stock is always available to choose from.
  • Prompt dispatch is made within 24 working hours of the order. Worldwide Express Shipping is to countries across the world.
  • There are reputed couriers like DHL, FEDEX, UPS, Professional, DTDC etc. to give the confidence of safe deliveries.
  • Exclusive Products not available on most websites, could be seen displayed on Unnati’s website.
  • Prices are economical and attractive. Wholesalers, Bulk Buyers attract additional discounts.
  • Handloom Mark, Silk Mark certification, provide legal assurance and a boost in confidence to the morale of the ever-increasing customer base regarding the goods being genuine.

The unique and ever-satisfying shopping experience with Unnati Silks

While there is limitation of variety stock at other shops offline and sites online, Unnati has an enviable collection of handloom sarees that cover almost all the known varieties in India.

At Unnati Silks you have:

  • the simple color play and contrast borders of Andhra cottons,
  • good quality soft cotton sarees of the North East,
  • the lyrical stanzas of Bandhani patterns, the wavy magic of the Leheria from Rajasthan,
  • the exotic variety of floral Batiks,
  • the soft and appealing tant cottons in Pure Handloom using Meghalaya cotton, Bengal Cotton, Assam Cotton, Nagaland Cotton etc.
  • ikat sarees in Bomkai and Sambalpuri handloom cotton
  • the stylish checks and stripes of Chettinad, Madurai and Coimbatore cottons
  • the lush weaves of Dharmavaram which make good use of zari borders and designer pallus
  • the genetically colored cottons of Dharwad with intricate kasuti embroidery
  • the white and cream Kerala Kasavu cotton sarees with shiny zariboders
  • the traditional kotadoria muslin cottons of Rajasthan with lovely prints and beautiful embroidery
  • the fine cottons of Lucknow with chikankari embroidery - the soft cottons of Madurai with elegant borders, attractive motifs
  • the soft fluffy Malmal cottons of North India
  • the heavy gold thread or Zari borders, Nizam designs and striking colour combinations of Mangalagiri handlooms
  • the eye-catching borders and pallu magic of Uppada cottons
  • the Venkatagiri sarees with attractive nature inspired motifs, classy designs with Jamdani embroidery and much more.

This makes it all the more exciting and fairly difficult to select and narrow down choices from the wide ranges available. Added to it are the attractive prices at which they are offered making it a bargain one can hardly refuse.