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Unnati Silks – Kalamkari

Unnati Silks has like it has with ikat taken to the Kalamkari in a big way. In its varied lines of clothing, Kalamkari has been exploited quite a lot and the outcomes have been worth the while.

Sarees – The Kalamkari sarees at Unnati have the Chanderi Sico with captivating prints, as floral scapes, thematic imagery of flora and fauna in vivid detail and colorful spread on the wide borders and pallu expanse. A range of soft cotton sarees with themes from the epics, mythological tales with dark fields and light borders and vice versa set off a delightful contrast that is eye-catching and captivating. Kanchi cottons have appliqué work done on them, as do the jute soft cottons. Then you have a range of hand painted Dupion Silk sarees with thematic pallus. You also have an ushering in of the light summer breeze, with light covered motifs in light shades of bright hues. A lot of Kalamkari variety and plenty to , explore with more added every now and then.

Salwar Kameez – Cotton is known for being a fabric that is good for any experimentation, be it with incorporation of a new design in a jacquard weave, undergoing a complicated process like ikat tie & dye, testing for color fastness, or simply trying to find out the visual effects of painted designs. Kalamkari designs from Unnati have an appeal for the choice of colors, the judicious mix, the vibrancy of the colors used, the durability and a whole host of factors that are put to the test to explore possibilities and combinations, in an effort to give the market products close to its expectations. Cotton versions in Kanchi, Rajasthan and Mangalagiri with their own nuances and characteristic traits have produced outcomes that have elated beyond measure.

Kurti-kurta - The Kurta or Kurti is the showpiece of a dress for it presents itself with the front that either catches the eye or creates an aversion. The Kalamkari designs with various combinations of color, border design, pallu designs and motifs, provide the needed attraction that a fabric needs to generate to capture the interest of an expectant market. The Venkatagiri soft cottons would bear out this fact.

Stitched Blouse – Unnati Silks in its creation of new-look fabrics has in a novel range of apparel termed ethnic essentials, transformed the conventional blouse that served only as accessory to the saree, into a new kind of independent and worn combined designer offering with the blouse adorned with the Kalamkari themes and color combinations. It can be worn as a nice combination to various colored sarees as well as worn independently as a top with the bottom accompaniment to create a fashion offering. Designer necks with embroidery and in several formats, a variety of sleeve lengths from sleeveless to full sleeves, border designs etc. have all added to making it all the more appealing. No wonder it has created ripples in the market when introduced.

Dupattas – Like the stitched blouse, the dupatta that came as one of the three pieces of the salwar suit, is now an independent fabric piece that can be combined with various forms of dress to spark off elegance and allure at will. Its broad expanse is decorated with imagery in fast hand painted colors, there are floral themes, imaginative prints and many other such experiments. In fact there is a range of pure handloom cotton dupattas which have beautiful designs, imagery and prints in Kalamkari.

Bottoms – Kalamkari bottoms like long skirts do very well with light colored tops. The stark contrast of floral Kalamkari with a plain top sets off an appeal that enhances the look of the wearer.

Kalamkari is part of an experiment that started long ago and continues to appeal to a wide audience even in this day. It had seen bad days when it almost became extinct but as fortune would have it, the revival took place with a lot of effort and encouragement at the right juncture. Unnati recognizes the potential of this inspiring art, evident in the experiments it conducts in Kalamkari, whenever any new line of clothing is introduced.