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Indian handlooms are known for their richness, exquisiteness, variety and fine quality. They are an integral part of Indian culture and no festival or occasion is complete without them. The passage of time has brought about a change in the weaves, patterns and designs boasting of glamor, magnificence and exquisiteness but the importance of handlooms still remains the same.

As an economic activity, handlooms comprise the largest cottage industry in the country. Millions of looms across the country are engaged in weaving cotton, silk and other natural fibers to bring out traditional beauty of India’s precious heritage and also providing livelihood to millions of families. There is hardly a village where weavers do not exist weaving out the traditional beauty of the region. The skills and activities are kept alive by passing the skills from generation to generation. What sets our handloom apart is the excellent workmanship, color combination and fine quality.

Indian weavers blend myths, faiths, symbols and imagination to bring an appealing dynamism to the fabric. It is the distinct form of art, weave and color usage of the artisan that give every region its distinctive identity and uniqueness.

Here at Unnati’s Weaver's World, we make an humble attempt in exploring and getting an insight into some of the most prominent Indian weaving hubs, their crafts, their history, culture, tourism and much more.

Come embark on our Journey into the passionate world of Indian Weavers ..................