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Our Journery

Unnati Silks is a way of re-defining comfort, luxury and
elegance for today’s woman.

Rooted in our Indian ethos since 1980, and looking at the
world with curious eyes, we constantly strive for innovation, originality and beauty in everything we create. From fiber to fabric to factory to end functionality, Unnati Silks has grown from a need for products without limitations that could handle managing home, grueling office meetings, glamorous weddings, or simply heading to a movie.

Unnati is all about creating awesome fashion which is good
for the maker, good for the wearer and good for the planet

Our Philosophy


At Unnati, we believe that Fashion can be traditional and contemporary at the same time. It can be creative, fun, experimental – All these along with being Sustainable.

Working with weavers and artisans across the Sub-Continent, we craft rich Indian Textiles – each having a story of its own. Deeply rooted in ancient methodology of weaving and amazed by this fascinating world of colors, prints, textures, weaves – we are overwhelmed with millions of possibilities these can create.

Our sheer love for handlooms and handicrafts is the most important impetus for our 40 years of cherished



For the non-living entity called Unnati Silks, Devender Ladha
(Founder & MD ) has created a living structure called Team Unnati comprising a devoted and actively contributing family of wife and three children, a body of craftsmen from 21 states of India to give shape to his dreams in fabric, an online support team, and others in various capacities.

Like in the saying “To miss the target can be forgiven, aiming low cannot”, it applies to him too. He does not wait for the opportunity, he creates it. A journey of success interspersed with plenty of hardship it is his acumen and persistent efforts that have seen him through, which he attributes to the blessings of the Divine.

"To take India's artisans to the center stage of the world is our goal" says Priyanka Ladha, Founder and CEO of With her entire childhood surrounded with
colors and weaves, Priyanka established the online division of Unnati Silks and transitioned a traditional venture to a Global Sustainable fashion brand with customer base spanning 15 countries. She also pioneered India's first Handlooms Directory connecting artisans and businesses together. 

Unnati Silks has been shaped as pictured. It continues to run as a family tradition that believes in the motto of “Business with a Cause”.


To be conscious, to enrich the environment and not pollute it, is a spiritual principle and a social responsibility. In our own humble way, Unnati works at various levels of social stratum. By supporting livelihoods of more than 200+ weavers and artisans, we work for the upliftment of the handlooms community. Alongwith this, we work with 1000+ colleges and schools addressing severe lifestyle and mental health issues, reaching out to more than 1 lakh plus students. Because how we treat our children now, determines the type of adult they will become in the future.



Eco-Conscious & Rooted

Certifications ensures authenticity. It is to give you assurance that the product purchased by you is true to its craft.

Across Unnati, you will find products with Handloom Mark / Silk Mark which is a testament to the purity of the product.

Handloom Mark

Our Handloom products are accompanied with Handloom Mark,a Government of India's initiative to provide a collective and authentic identityto the handloom products in India.

Silk Mark

Our Pure Silk products are accompanied with Silk Mark.The silk mark certifies that the piece of textile which bears the mark is made of pure silk.

Made In India

We travel across the length and breadth of the Sub Continent, to get you authentic handweaves of India.Every product of Unnati is 100% Made in India.



Mr.Ladha with Srimati. Tamilisai Soundararajan Ma'am - Governor, Government of Telangana


Mr.Ladha in conversation with Honorable IT & Textiles Minister Shri.K.T.Rama Rao Garu, Government of Telangana

Former Chief Minister

Mr.Ladha with Shri.Chandra Babu Naidu Sir, Former Chief Minister, State of Andhra Pradesh

Finance Minister

Mr.Ladha, MD, Unnati Silks in conversation with Honorable Finance Minister Shri.Harish Rao GaruGovernment of Telangana

Chief Minister

Mr.Ladha with Late Shri.YSR Reddy Sir Chief Minister, State of Andhra Pradesh



Our workspace is an amalgamation of colors, paints, textures, weaves, art and science. Staying true to the age old techniques of the craft while understanding the present day sensibilities along with envisioning the future trends, our vibrant pool of weavers, artisans, designers thread a delicate balance.

We work in multiple spheres of Printing, Painting, Weaving and Crafting. These truly desi weaves have a special feeling and soul that cannot be achieved by mass production. Its mix of sheer hard work and talent.

Media grid

Our Hand Block Print Collection is a clothing line featuring artisan made textiles. Our printing units produce designs in limited custom lots with emphasis on creating beautiful patterns. At Unnati, you will find a diverse array of prints, each true to its place of origin

Tales of The Brush

Art is not just a handcrafted piece of cloth. It is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced. Our artisans are story tellers. Our paints are inspired by beauty; beauty of nature, beauty of culture, beauty of folk tales and beauty of the soul

Tales of The Loom

Woven with passion and tremendous amount of hard work, India’s handloom journey is a sheer testament to perseverance and love for art. Our thirst with handlooms first started in 1980, and has today grown into a solid community of 200+ weavers and their families spread across the land of India