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Unnati Silks & Madurai sarees

There is a lot of experimentation done with hand block prints with individual ranges created out of a certain pattern of prints, other ranges due a combination of different prints etc. Also known as Sungudi cottons, you could have a floral range, an abstract designs range, a checks pattern range, the color stripes range, zigzag lines, bootis, and a whole host of other individual ranges. Then you have the combined ones where two or three, sometimes more block prints are brought together on a single fabric.

Modern patterns, with peacock, butterfly and nature as the subjects, woven in one or two colours, is a very popular range in these sarees. This version of the Madurai Cotton Saree is a hit with college goers and corporate executives as a stylish and refreshing change during the hot weather.

Creeper motifs and naksi zari border with an elegant printed pallu on the Madurai Cotton Sari is preferred wear for daily casual and office during the summer season. Summer Madurai cotton saris with tie-dye printed bird motifs and attractive printed borders are alluring and suit teachers, professors, home makers and busy mothers nicely. A stylish twist is the Saree with circular prints on a colourful body, giving it an out of the way look and making it appropriate for dinners and parties.

You also have the Madurai Sico Sarees with simpler designs with distributed motifs and eye-catching borders.