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The fabulous cotton sarees of Madurai

Madurai in Tamil Nadu, India, is famous, besides many other things, for its Madurai Cotton Sarees. A handloom creation made about a century ago, these Sarees are woven from highly mercerized cotton and block printed. They are known as Sungari or Sungudi.

The special appeal of the Madurai cottons

Being 100% cotton and dyed by extracting natural colours from leaves, the Madurai Cotton Saree is designed with many tiny dots on the main body, with detailed embroidery work on the borders. The colour of the border generally contrasts that of the body. Thin, light and made of pure cotton or polyester cotton, it has the ability to absorb heat and is best for summers or hot climatic conditions. Other heart warming properties are that it does not cause any allergy, is not at all expensive and easy to maintain.

Characteristic to the Madurai Cotton Saree, are its more than usual length of forty eight inches compared to the standard length of forty four and its border multi-coloured and very dotted. Tie-Dye process used in the colouring of the threads, it shares similarity with the Bandhani type Sarees by way of the dot designs.