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Unnati Silks and Bengal sarees

Tant sarees - While Unnati displays the entire range of Bengal handlooms the recent Tant magic has captured the imagination of the market. The plain body saree or the one with dots and motifs, with zari work on the borders and pallu is a widely popular version. An elegant affair it lends use for a variety of occasions from casual get-togethers to formal functions. The Tant Saree with checks and zari naksi border or checks with zari woven lines and accompanied by a broad Zari border flanking both sides of the Sari is a delightful version. It is a preferred choice for corporate executives and also serves for casual outings and invites. Tants cover a wide range from dark to subdued to light breezy hues. You have beautiful double colour stripes on pastels, light floral breeze versions that are very eye-catching and more subdued earthy hues plain and lightly adorned.

Jamdhani Dhakai cotton sarees - The Daccai Jamdhani saree is extremely soft to the touch and its easy flow follows the contours of the body perfectly. Unnati Silks has a fine range of Dhaka cotton sarees that have the unmistakable stamp and class of the Jamdhani weave. Coloured sarees in deep hues and pastels, the Dhaka cotton sarees have brilliant eye-catching motifs all over the saree and the pallu is a designer affair with jamdhani woven patterns, nice floral jamdhani woven bootis or exotic designer prints. Either way the Dhaka sarees with their fast colours and vibrant hues, make these Jamdhani cotton sarees most exclusive.

Some of the traditional motifs include Chameli–Jasmine and Gainda buti-marigold. The most attractive design feature of the jamdani sari is the paisley motif. The Jamdani is a method by which the design motifs are added by hand during the course of the weaving, thus resulting in an embroidery effect. The method of production is somewhat similar to tapestry work.Small shuttles filled with coloured, gold or silver thread, are passed through the warp as required during the actual weaving of the basic fabric. There are several kinds of Jamdani muslins. Natural-coloured, unbleached cotton grounds with bleached white cotton supplementary work are traditional, while pastel-coloured grounds with white supplementary work and dark-coloured grounds (black, dark blue and dark red) with white supplementary threads are modern innovations. Any of the above with coloured supplementary threads, or dark grounds with only zari supplementary work are also seen. The Bengal Jamdhani cottons are categorized into Ordinary striped or checked Tangail Butidar Tangil or Jamdani with angular designs Bordered Tangail or Naksha Tangail made on Jacquard looms.

The bengal handloom cotton saree with green self checks all over accompanied by zari and plain borders and cream stripes and zari adorned pallu is a rich looking stunner that would suit a variety of occasions like parties, weddings, social functions, corporate events and festivals. Baluchari sarees, shantipur saris, Bengal cotton sarees and tussar silk saris of jamdhani pattern woven in highly mercerized cotton and silky thread are famous jamdani weaves of West Bengal. These classic weaves are well apt for daily casual, corporate conferences, college parties and festivals. The Dhakai cotton handlooms and the Rajasthani cottons are fine fabrics for the Jamdhani and the resulting Jamdani cotton handlooms with Jamdani woven decorative motifs, exotic patterns on the pallu, multi-coloured borders make the Jamdani cotton sarees much sought after.

Jamdhani Silk sarees - The Gadwal sarees are fine handlooms that incorporate a lot of Jamdhani weaving. The use of zari make them lustrous and eye-catching. You do have the Chanderi Silk Neon sarees with accompanying zari weaving that make them very attractive and stylish . The Jamdhani handloom silk sarees with brilliant self – coloured designer weave are eye-openers. There is also an assortment of fine Jamdani pattu sarees that are grand and exclusive wear. Jamdhani sarees are available in unique creations. The Gadwal Jamdhani is a pure handloom silk saree with zari mango buttis woven in Jamdhani and a zari floral butti weave border. A beautiful designer pallu in beautiful contrast with small borders would have the saree serve for occasions like weddings, parties and social events.

The jamdhani pure silk handloom with zari weaving floral buttis and a zari border and a zari weaving designer pallu is an exquisite silk affair fit for grand occasions like weddings, parties, corporate events, social dinners and the like.

Kantha sarees

Unnati Silks has a very fine range of Kantha work sarees spread over several varieties. You have the soft and smooth Bhagalpuri Dupion silk sarees with enchanting bootis and Kantha work on the borders, that works well for general and special occasions. The Pashmina cotton sarees with kantha work are quite attractive and do well for office, daily casual, outings. The Pochampally pure silks in tie & dye with kantha work all over and resham borders and patola weaving stripes design on the pallu makes for a chic look saree for exclusive occasions. There are other similar fusion varieties available as well.

A delightful mix of the Bengal Sarees at Unnati Silks

Unnati proudly displays its wide and varied collection, a display capturing the essence and excellence of Bengal Handloom weaves. Phulia handloom cottons in pastels with wide borders, light hues with contrast borders. Simple, lightly adorned weaves, beautified by exquisite Jamdani woven patterns and designer pallus. Shantipur cotton handlooms in vibrant colours, pastel shades – simple, elegant, enticing. Lovely cotton Tants in mesmerizing two-colour combinations – neons, light shades in stripes with combination pallus. Bengal silks with Baluchari borders and engaging Lepakshi prints. Very colourful tribal prints on half half sarees that are magnetic. Handloom cottons with nice patola weaving, plain cottons with wide zari borders are fabrics of allure.

Lovely Bengal salwar kameez collection at Unnati Silks

The soft, mesmerizing, endearing quality weaves, stylish to the hilt yet traditionally pure in the weave, make for fashionable clothing of comfort easily appreciated by the market. Vibrant colours, catchy motifs, awe-inspiring patterns, captivating adornments, to match your mood, suit your style. Inspiring bagru block prints, Patola weaving, painting designs, breath-taking bootis, adornments, patch borders, zari work finery and the lot – an awesome display of innovation and creativity.

Bengal Kurtis & Kurtas

Comfortable, colourful and classy, Bengal Handloom cotton kurtis and kurtas are known for their attractive designs, stylish necks, borders, hand woven bootis, embroidery and fancy motifs. The weave is traditional the designs are trendy. Floral Batik kurtis and designer kurtas in fancy styles with attractive neck designs and abstract colour patterns in bright and dark multi-colour hues make a stylish and eye-catching display of stunning fabrics.