Idgah Mosque

Idgah mosque is a 15th century mosque built by the governor of Chanderi. The mosque consists of two-storeyed arched facade with minarets on either side.

Tombs - Chanderi

Chanderi is home to tombs of many Sufi saints and prominent Muslims of Chanderi and neighbouring areas. Some of the main tourist attractions are Dudua tomb, tomb of Mahmud Peer, Harkunwar tomb, Yunis' tomb, Hazrat Ismaeel tomb, Ahmadnagar Sultan's tomb, Mahma Shah tomb and Christian tomb.

Royal Horses Memorial

Royal horses memorial has been built in the memory of the favorite horses of Bundela kings, near the Parmeshwar talab. The memorial has two stone plaques carved with the images of two decorated horses.

Temples - Chanderi

There are several temples in Chanderi that dates back to as early as 15th century. The main tourist attractions among these temples are Lakshman temple (18th century), Phuhariji temple, Narsimha temple, Matamadh temple, Shri Sankatmochan temple, Chintaharan temple, Bade Ganesh temple, Mansimheshwar temple and Malan Khoh.

Bundela King Chhatris

There are two 17th century Chhatris that were built in rememberance of Bundela kings Maharaja Bharat Shah, Maharaja Aniruddh Singh and Maharaja Devi Singh. The structure is octogonal in shape with a dome on the top and balconies projecting out of the top stories.