Khandargiri Temple

Khandargiri temple complex, a popular Jain pilgrimage site, with a 45 ft towering statue of lord Adinath carved out of a hillock. The temple comple also has couple of caves carved out of hill with inscriptions inside.

Nizamuddin Family Tombs

This is an Archaeological Survey of Indian (ASI) protected tourism site that has tombs of the family member of Hazrat Nizamuddin. The structure is believed to built in 15th century.

Battisi Bavdi

Battisi Bavdi is a large stepwell that was built in Chanderi by Sultan Ghiyasuddin Shah in 1485. The stepwell is around 40ft deep and derives its name from a flight of thirty two steps.

In addition to Battisi Bavdi, there numerous other stepwells in Chanderi including Qazion ki Bawdi, Gol Bawdi, Musa Quadin's Bawdi, Chandai Bawdi, Lal Bawdi, Ek Pathar ki Bawdi, Aalia Bawdi, Rimjhai Bawdi and Chakla Bawdi. Most of the Bawdis (stepwell) are now in ruined state with only a few still being used by local people.

Museum - Chanderi

Chanderi Museum is a large and magnificent stone museum, built by Archaeological survey of India to display the sculptures and artifacts that were recovered from Chanderi and its vicinity of Boodhi, Thubon.