Parameshwar Tal

Parameshwar Tal is a beautiful tank that is located half a mile to the north-west of Chanderi town. Parameshwar Tal was built by Bundela Rajput Kings. There is a well-carved temple and cenotaphs of three Rajput Kings on its bank that gives a picture perfect view for travellers.

Buddhi (Old)

Chanderi has been a major center of Jain culture, especially of the Parwar Jain community. The old Chanderi city has a number of Jain temples of 9th and 10th centuries. It attracts thousands of Jain pilgrims and tourists from all parts of the country every year.

Raja Rani Mahal

Raja Rani Mahal are two palaces built next to each other, in which Raja Mahal being a 7 storeyed structure attached to the smaller Rani Mahal. The two palaces are believed to be built in separate time periods as they have very different architectural style.

Purana Madarsa

Purana Madarsa is a tomb that was built in 1450 under the rule of Mahmood Khilji I of the Malwa Sultanate. Purana Madarsa is entirely built of sandstones with five domes with intricatedly carved jaalis and carvings on the walls.

Ramnagar Palace

Ramnagar Palace was a hunting lodge and retreat which was built by Maharaja Durjan Singh in 17th century. The palace is now a museum maintained by department of archaeology with some temple articles, and idols of deities dating back to 16th-17th century.