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Sights to see in and around Chanderi
Chanderi Fort

Chanderi fort is located on top of a hill, at a level of 71 meters above the town and was built during the Mughal period. The fort has 5 km fortification walls that were built to protect it from outsiders. The original Chanderi fort was constructed by 11th century king Kirti Pal. Chanderi fort has faced many attacks and has been rebuilt multiple times.

There are many tourist attractions inside Chanderi Fort including Khilji mosque, Hawa Paur, Naukhanda palace and tomb of Hazrat Abdul Rahman. There are three gates for approaching the Chanderi fort - Its main gate is known as the "Khooni Darwaza", and Hawa Paur is the third and highest gate of the Fort. On the south western side of Chanderi fort, there is a 24.6 meter high gateway, named as the Khatti ghatti. Sloping towers adorn this gate.

Koshak Mahal

Koshak Mahal was built by Mahmud Khilji of Malwa in 1445 AD. This monument was built in Chanderi as a victory monument. Koshak Mahal is built in a square plan with each of the four sides having arched doorways. It is believed that the original plan of Koshak Mahal was a seven-storey palace, but only two could be completed. The architecture of the palace is very similar to that of the Forts of Mandu.

Badal Mahal Gate

Badal Mahal Gate is an interesting tourist attraction as it is a gate only without a Mahal. The gate was built in 15th century and it was constructed to commemorate some important victory for Chanderi. Badal Mahal gate consists of an arched entrance with tall minarets on either side of the entrance. There are some beautiful carvings on the monument floral roundels and geometric motifs.

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid is a magnificent monument in Chanderi that is one of the oldest and largest mosque in Bundelkhand. The foundation of Jama Masjid was placed in 13th Century under the command of Ghiassuddin Balban. The Mosque was built to commemorate the victory over Chanderi by Delhi Sultanate. There are three huge domes over the halls of Jama Masjid putting up a magnificent and beautiful presence in Chanderi.

Shahzadi Ka Rouza

Shehzadi-ka-Rouza is an elegant structure that is a dome built by the governor of Chanderi for his daughter Mehrunissa. The exterior of the building has tall first storey and shorter second storey, with decoration through ornamental arches and a band of geometrical designs. At the exterior of the monument are serpentine brackets which supports the eaves at both level.