Fine blends of Silk and Cotton –Chanderi Handloom Sicos

Silk is a natural fibre that has strength, a shimmery lustrous appearance, is airy, soft and comfortable and keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter. It has great acceptability in absorbing any colour of dye, drapes well and is a great rich-feel fabric that is sought for grand occasions. Cotton is a moderately strong natural fibre that is soft, airy, comfortable, and has no lustre. It too has good acceptability for any colour of dye, has a good comforting feel, but does not drape as well as silk. It also keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter. Both fabrics do well under normal conditions of use.

Sico is a blend of silk and cotton which assumes the strength of silk and the comparatively better wash resistant qualities compared to silk. The fabric blend possesses the good attributes of both fabrics with a higher tolerance than silk in some respects. Fusion experiments in patterns, designs and other adornments in a host of pleasing colours have yielded laudable creations in Sico fabrics. Sico fabrics are manufactured both by handlooms as well as power looms.

The special Chanderi Sico kurtis & kurtas at Unnati Silks online

There is an explored and experimented range of Chanderi Sico kurtis and kurtas at Unnati Silks online. Not content with mere designs in the whole area of the fabric, the kurti has been divided into five portions mentally with different manner of adorning them. 

The neck portion with buttons is two part and fancy with dual colours. The main body has abstract geometrical, floral spread, flowery distributed motifs etc., with back following suit or slightly different. The sleeves have a different design, could be full, half, or other format. The borders could have single or two part adorning with each portion of the two different from the other. In some cases the back has a different design from the front. Colours are bright, prints are exotic, patterns are attractive, overall appeal extraordinary.

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