Traditional Products:

The traditional costume of Maharashtrian women is a nine yard saree. Thus, Paithani was woven into nine yard length sarees; and in "Pitambar" that is a dhoti worn by men for ceremonial purposes.

Later it was woven in six yard and nine yard lengths. King Aurangzeb and King Nizam Shah ordered shawls woven in Paithani textile in huge quantities.

Begum Nilofer, wife of Nizam Shah was also fond of Paithani sarees. During the Peshwa period Paithani sarees were highly popular amongst the Royal families. Also Paithani shawls, "Shela" (Silk Stole) and "Pagote" (type of a head covering) were used by men of Peshwa dynasty.

Products currently sold in the market:

There has been a little addition to range of products in which Paithani textile is used. Along with nine yard and six yard sarees, the artisans also weave dress materials, lehenga, dupattas, and stoles. Lifestyle products such as purses and in upholstery curtains and cushion covers are also made.

Jewellery Box, Hand bag, Lehenga, Stole Paithani are innovations being woven in cotton yarns. Though this is actually returning to the roots the artisans approach it as an innovation.