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More about the traditional art

Chikan work originated and developed in Lucknow as a traditional art with a sizeable population of skilled craftsmen engaged in it as a means of livelihood.

Other places in India also have followers of this art but the Lucknowi style of embroidery is now a brand and world famous. It received its geographical Indication status in 2008, by virtue of which only those located in Lucknow and nearby surrounding areas can use the Lucknowi chikankari label for embroidery work done there on fabrics like kurtas, sarees, salwar kameez etc.

The Saree is a traditional garment for women in most parts of India and is also a national heritage. It is today also one of the widely used garments of fashion, highlighting the beauty and allure of a woman. Of different fabrics, and worn in varied styles based on the ethos and tradition, the sari has always been a favourite canvas for the beauty and detail of chikankari to be displayed on. Today the market is flooded with different fabric materials like Art Silk, Chiffon, Cotton, Crape, Handloom, Sico, Silk Blend, Supernet, Tussar Silk and Georgette, experimented upon with Chikankari embroidery, successfully.