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Dr. Ambedkar Park

This park has been made after a real huge investment of public money. Good infrastructure but certainly poor maintenance. If maintained properly it could be one of most important tourist attractions of Lucknow.

Lucknow Zoo

A fun place for kids and adults alike, the Lucknow zoo happens to have certain animals supposedly not found in other zoos across the country. There is a toy train ride, or you have battery operated carts to take a ride. The green leafy campus is clean, green and an ideal for seeing wildlife which is in plenty - a nice place to spend the lazy Sunday afternoon. When one visits the zoo, one can also spend time going around the museum inside. Nice eateries have been accommodated for the hungry visitors in pockets offering a variety of food and ice creams.


This is a very godly place for mediation and peace. The ideal time to visit the Math is during evening hours when rituals are being performed. Sri Ramkrishna Math is a divine place in Lucknow in the memory of great sage Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa. One can visit this well-maintained place for meditation, calm and relaxation of the mind.

Vidhan Sabha Bhawan Council House

All legislative work of the UP government is run from the Vidhan Sabha Bhavan. The construction of the building of the Vidhan Sabha is one of the finest examples of Indo-European architectural craftsmanship of the twentieth century. The front part of this crescent shaped two storied structure is built with carved light brown sandstone blocks. It is a 200 year old building built in British period. that houses the Lower assembly of the UP government. A great structure with a bold presence is on the display. It is worth seeing on Republic day and Independence Day as it gets lit by tricolor lights.

Rumi Darwaza

Rumi darwaja is a giant Darwaja or doorway and the main entrance to Lucknow old city. Of the Nawabi era that was a gateway for their palace and had a park, today it has become an object in the intersection of the road. A sight to watch it is a passage for one in Lucknow to go through this gate to visit Bada Imambara and other historical buildings as well. The huge facade is topped by an octagonal cupola which was used for illumination. Along the outer curve of the gate you will see pipes which made up a fountain. The facade is pierced by three gates. Halfway up one can see a gallery which is accessible by a stairway which enters from the side. Impressively, this gate is not made of stone, but of bricks and lime mortar.