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Handloom Fabrics and Rajkot

Rajkot is known for its special handloom fabrics and the unique prints on them. There are very many block printing centres that churn out innovative designs, stunning patterns in good vibrant colors and fast durable prints.

The Rajkot Cotton Saree is a single ikat saree. Single Ikat fabrics are created by the resist tie-dye method, with thread inter weaving of warp (lengthwise lay of thread) with plain weft (breadth wise thread weaving), or resisted weft yarns interspersed with plain weft. Double ikat involves having resists on both warp and weft and then interlacing them to form fine intricate patterns like that done for the Patan Patola. The outcome of the ikat or tie-dye method as it is known, applied to the traditional cotton fabric, has created colourful Patola cotton saree sensations, with trendy prints, unique and attractive patterns, with very appealing and eye-catching motifs.

Rajkot silks and their magnetic pull

There are many variations to the Rajkot Silk Sarees. You have the Rajkot pure silk Patola sarees, known for their contrasted colours and zari borders. There are pure silk Rajkot sarees designed with latest ikkat and bandhni prints that are eye-catchers worn for special occasions. Stylish embroidery designer Rajkot Patola Sarees with patterns of zari zardozi, ari, gota are elegant affairs chosen for bridal ceremonies. Patch works on the Patola Saree enhance it further. The Rajkot pure silk sari with multi color ikkat prints having rich zari border with a contrasting color zari pallu is fancy wear appropriate for corporate functions, festivals and traditional occasions. There is a Heavy designer Rajkot Patola Silk Saree also that is an integral part of Indian wedding parties and other social gatherings. Kundans and sequins embroidery work adorning the Rajkot patolas make them stylishly attractive and apt for college functions, parties and special invites.