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Places worth seeing in and around Rajkot

• Jubilee Garden is an open park in the center of the city that also has many monuments from colonial times. Prominently located is the Connaught Hall right in the centre of this garden.

• Nearby you have the Mohandas Gandhi High School, the Kaba Gandhi No Delo (Gandhiji’s childhood residence), places associated with the Father of the Nation.

• You have the Watson Museum which has a collection of human history and culture, which include precious objects of the colonial period of India and also the History of Rajkot. located in the Jubilee Garden, this museum traces the heritage of Saurashtra.

• The Rashtriya Shala was started in the year 1921. It initially started its operation in a rented place. The Rajkot leader called Shri Lakhajiraj donated 66 thousand square yards of land for this institute. From the year 1924, the Rashtriya Shala started functioning from here. The Rashtriya Shala at Rajkot is directly associated with the non-cooperation movement, which is one of the most important segments of the history of India's fight for liberty. This is one of the most visited tourist spots of Rajkot.

• Rajkot Memon boarding ground which headquartered a lot of Muslim activities before 1947, was a favourite convention centre for the Saurashtra Muslim League of that time.

• The Rotary Dolls Museum is a place much visited for its collection of 1400 dolls from all over the world.

• Sports enthusiasts can take a view of the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium just to get a feel of how cricket is loved in the region. There are very many stadiums of different capacities also that propagate the sport.