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Monkey Falls

The Monkey Falls is located on the Pollachi-Valparai road. One of the main waterfalls it is situated 6 Km from Aliyar Dam and has very nice and peaceful surroundings. Located on the main road and very easily accessible, there are groups of monkeys all around that are so fearless that they literally snatch any eatables that you carry. That must be why it is called 'Monkey Falls'. The road to the falls is picturesque surrounded by hills and vegetation. As it is just 55 Kms from Coimbatore it is a great place to enjoy a day here with friends and family.

Black Thunder Theme Park

Black thunder is a very good theme park which is around 40 Kms from Coimbatore. Located on the foothills of Ooty, it is a nice place to spend one full day as there are a lot of water games. Kids will enjoy this place. Good infrastructure with amenities, the water used in most of the places is very clean and as close to as natural water. It was one of the first theme water parks. Families and groups excursions find this an ideal picnic spot.

G.D. Naidu Industrial Exhibition

This place is an industrial exhibition founded by the great scientist Mr. G.D. Naidu. Automobile, Industrial & Mechanical exhibits are present for viewing at the exhibition. A must-visit science museum established by the great genius G.D.Naidu, the foundation has kept on display a few of his inventions and creative findings of his times. Known to be the first person to design a coal fired bus for transport of people and put to use this bus is kept in the Exhibition. Some of his very rare collections like Marconi's original wooden gramophone records, Apple computers of the first and second generation interest school children and first-time visitors alike.

Karaimadai Ranganathar Temple

Karamadai is a small town on the Mettupalayam road that connects Coimbatore and Ooty, about 40 minutes drive from Coimbatore. This temple is located near Karamadai. After renovation the temple looks very good and is always crowded. Lord Vishnu in sleeping posture is almost like the one in Srirangapatnam, Karnataka. The temple having good architecture is said to be 1200 years old and worth a visit.

Maharaja World

Maharajah world is an amusement park located in Nelambur, about 12 kms from Coimbatore. It has a theme park, a mini golf course, Multiplexes for movies. Having quite a few free rides for children and some for the accompanying adults, the water rides are quite thrilling.