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Places in and around Coimbatore to visit
Dhyanalinga Temple

A yogic temple located about 30 kms from Coimbatore it is situated in the Isha Yoga Center that promotes an environment filled with peace and harmony. The temple is neatly maintained and is very good for meditation and yoga. One can stay at the ashram and be provided cottages for a few days at very nominal rates. Activities would be taking a bath in the pool with the mercury linga and cleansing of the mind and soul. One tends to get amazed and filled with wonderment at the sight of the massive Shiva statue at the entrance and feels the power of God in the presence of this mighty Shiva Linga.

Maduramalai Temple

The drive to this temple of Muruga situated on a hillock is quite picturesque. The temple is clean and one can drive up to the foot hill of the temple. Even then one has to climb about 150 steps to have darshan of the old idol. The new idol in the adjacent temple is very beautiful. The surroundings are clean and one gets a great view of the city of Coimbatore from atop.

Perur Pateeswarar Temple

Perur Pateeswarar temple built by the great King Raja Raja Chola is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is huge with lot of big kopurams and other Sannidhis. This is a 2000 years old temple! It has beautiful architecture and the paintings on ceilings have been done marvellously. The massively built pillars add majesty and beauty to the temple. The Natya Mandira on the right as you enter the temple is big and has many wonderful carvings of various Gods on each pillar. The authorities have taken care to enclose these carvings in glass to protect them.

Eachanari Vinayagar Temple

Eachanari is located on the way to Pollachi from Coimbatore. Located adjacent to the main road, the temple has a big idol of Lord Ganesha that can be viewed from a distance. It is a well-maintained temple with good ambience. Everyday Ganapathy homam is performed.

Marudhamalai Hill Temple

It is an ancient temple of Lord Murugan on a small hill. The idol of Murugan is very beautiful! This is a nice place - almost 10 KM from the city centre and apart from offering prayers, you can also enjoy the scenic beauty around. The ideal time to visit is Monsoon (July to Oct) when there is lot of Greenery around. One can also make the journey on foot, trek alongside in the jungle and reach the top, which is a good experience. In this route, it is possible to get sightings of some birds & wild animals.