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Nehru Zoological Park

A sprawling area with a lot of flora and fauna, with plenty of space provided for each of the animals. There is also a wonderful section on birds. The zoo is not only big but features a large number of species of animals and birds. One of the main attractions is the lion safari where one gets to see the entire family of lions, from within the closed vehicle, at very close range.

Buddha Statue

This monument was established in the year 2006. Since then it became an icon representing the tourism of Hyderabad city, after Charminar. This is located in Hussain Sagar lake, at heart of the city. The wonderful statue of Buddha situated in the middle of Hussain Sagar lake. As the statue faces East morning clicks make for some memorable photographs. There are boats that take you to the center of the lake where the statue is. In evening time it’s illuminated and is a marvellous sight.

Shilparamam Cultural Society

Shilparamam is a rural village environment created for visitors to get a feel of village art and handicrafts. One can witness cultural activities like puppet show, bharatanatyam, kuchipudi dance performances, get a feel of bullock cart riding, sketch artistry. There are stalls created that sell handicrafts, sculptures, paintings, ceramic goods, wood carvings, brass figurines, hand woven fabrics etc. It is a place where one can roam about and shop with a lot of bargains thrown in.


A heritage and old world charm. Best Icon for Hyderabad city, four pillar monument made of lime mortar and bricks. Adjacent is Laad Bazar, a lively place for shopping for ladies where you get bangles made of Lacquer, fresh fruits, traditional Haleem during festive season, popular for traditional churma (Eye liner), pearls, clothing, jewellery etc.,

Hyderabad International Convention Center

Spacious, well ventilated, well lit and well organized venue suitable for Expo, Weddings, Large group get-togethers, award ceremonies, feasts. Large space, excellent service, world class technology, beautiful maintenance and trained staff. Located in the new developing area of Hyderabad, visitors from overseas countries have also been impressed as well!