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Places to visit in and around Pochampally (Pochampally is about 40 Km from Hyderabad)

There is no place to see in Pochampally since it is only a hub for its own special variety of sarees and people visiting Pochampally come merely to check for new saree designs, exploring the possibility of getting sarees at a cheaper price than elsewhere, seeing for themselves how the saree is made.

Inevitably with a big cosmopolitan city like Hyderabad close by it is natural that people move immediately afterwards to visit the sights in Hyderabad.

Places to visit in Hyderabad
Birla Mandir

This temple has a very nice story attached to it. The head of the famous business family of Birla was to visit Balaji Mandir and he was not allowed to visit and take Darshan due to some timing rules of the Balaji Temple. It is said that in order to be able to take Balaji Darshan on his own timings and on his own terms the Birla scion erected this temple. Built in no time and beautifully carved in marble, the scenic view from this place of Hyderabd and the large expanse of the Hussain Sagar Lake is breath-taking. On way to the temple one will find many shops selling artificial jewellery though they do not have the government certificate for authenticity. Tara Mandal is a science museum with an auditorium close by, where they show the big bang theory and other scientific phenomena through light and sound gadgetry. A great place to visit!

Salar Jung Museum

A definite must-see for any visitor! It is a museum of worldly fame that exhibits a collection of items rare, unique and extraordinary, not to be found anywhere else in the world. It is located in old Hyderabad close to the famous Charminar. It houses all antiques of Nizams of Hyderabad and depicts their life style. There are ornaments, swords, clothes, guns, shields, daggers, antique clocks, paintings, statues, coins, crockery, furniture and much more.

Taj Falaknuma Palace
This was originally a palace but now a Taj Hotel and part of the old palace is open to visitors. It is a splendid structure and the lighting done enhances the beauty. The area around the palace is huge and it gives you a glimpse of history as soon as you are about to enter it. The palace itself and grounds are so beautiful. Driving up the winding driveway of this hotel itself makes you feel like you have left behind today's Hyderabad and entered the realm and time of the nawabs. And the actual hotel does not disappoint either.

Lovingly and painstakingly restored, the place is a visual treat. Artfully placed books with elegant chairs vying with cool, manicured greenery and a breathtaking view over the city.

Golkonda Fort

Golkonda Fort is the most popular monument of Hyderabad. Hike up to top is a real good experience. There are around 365 steps to climb the Fort but the view is breathtaking. One should take one’s time if the steps seem too many but it is a great experience. There is a lovely garden for people who are unable to take this excursion. Apart from the fort the views are also incredible. There is a light and sound show every evening where they describe the story in a such a manner you feel as if you are at that moment there live in that part of time. It is located at one end of the city and is a good hiking place. Very good architecture of those good golden days is seen all around.

Ramoji Film City

Ramoji is a strategically well planned film city, with an abundance of activities, hotels for a weekend stay, and shuttle services within the attraction as well as buses taking you to the film city! A big film city set on the outskirts of Hyderabad. This place is too big to explore in a day. They have a bus ride to explore various sections. The birds’ park inside Ramoji film city is a noted attraction with some of the most exotic birds. Over the years Ramoji has been adding to the attractions it offers to the public.