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Raghvendra Swamy Brindavana

Brindavana is the place where Saint Sree Raghavendra Swampy took Jeeva Samadhi. This Brundavana is located at Mantralayaam in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh, on the banks of River Tunghabhadra. Daily Panchamruth Abisekham is performed to the Brundavan followed by Alankaram and Naivedyam.

Manchalamma is the deity of the village Manchale. Here the practice is that the devotees should visit her temple first and offer prayers and then go to main shrine of Sri Raghavendra Swami in Brindavan. Goddess Manchalamma shrine is on the left side of the main mutt while both are on the banks of River Tungabhadra.

Sri Guru Raghavendra was born in 1595 AD to his parent and named as Venkatanatha (1601-1671). From his childhood he grew up at Kumbakonam under Guru Sri Sudheendra Thirtha. He was not well to do but poor (economically). He led a normal household life like any other person of his age group and begot a son from his wife Saraswathi. However he was not happy in family bondage though his wife was affectionate and worshipped him as God as any other orthodox Hindu wife would do. He went back to his guru to become a Sanyasi. Because of this his wife committed suicide.

Venkatanatha after renunciation was renamed as Swami Raghavendra Thirtha and later became head of the Mutt. He performed many miracles to help his devotees. He has composed many verses on Lord Vishnu and written many books on Vedantha and other sacred books on Dwaitha philosophy as he was a staunch follower of Madhwacharya the founder of Madhwa philosophy namely Dwaitha. In the later days Swami Raghavendra Thirtha came to be popularly known as Guru Raghavendra. He is considered as a reincarnation of Prahlada, the devotee who was saved by Vishnu, in Narasimha avatar. Guru Raghavendra got buried alive at the age of 78th year at village Manchale which is now called Mantralaya. He has shown many miracles even after his sajeeva samadhi and will continues to protect his devotees from his Samadhi for 700 years from 1671. Hence Mantralaya has become world famous pilgrimage centre in (Southern) India. All class of devotees visit this Brindavan/samadhi/temple temple irrespective whether rich or poor to have darshan at least once in life time.

Ahobilam Temple

An awesome experience to say the least. 10 temples in all with 9 of them spread at multiple places in the nalla mala hills. Trekking, exhilirating safari and exceptional views. Prepare yourself for an adventurous and packed trip. Do it in September October, to enjoy the gushing streams, playful monkeys, free foot massage by the fishes in these streams, cool breezes from the forest and the trek is just as memorable as it can be. This is about 150 Km from Kurnool.