This place has got everything for everyone - temples, old ruins, a ferocious river, a splendid garden, a summer palace turned museum. The temple is very ancient and is famous for Lord Vishnu's idol in lying position. A must see when visiting Mysore. It's a very small town near Mysore. It’s mainly famous for its association with Tipu Sultan. The place is having very many monuments, old palaces, temples, mosques etc. The very simple lifestyle of people here is an attraction to many. A few hours trip to this place will leave the visitors intrigued about the lifestyles of old kings of south India.

Srirangapatna, Mysore

One can visit the garrison cemetery (1800-1860) near the toll gate, said to contain the remains of both civil and military officials of the British, very much in original state. One can also visit Tippu's summer palace (dariya daulat). The place contains lots of murals depicting the sultan's war with the British. Legend is that the place was built by the profits of trade carried out overseas. One could also visit Gumbaz where the sultan and his parents are buried. One can also see the memorial of Col. Bailey near the entrance. While on the way one passes by Ganjam the village in which industrialists settled down by industrialists after they were moved from the Deccan capital by Tippu Sultan in 1690. There is a church built by the French. Further you have Sangam and Gosai ghat, the last to relax and enjoy the calm of the Kaveri river with lush green surroundings, birds and trivia.

Srirangapatna, Mysore

St. Philomena's Church

This is indeed a very old classic church built in good Gothic style architecture with a great view. This is one of the oldest churches in Mysore famous for the glass paintings and the underground Mother Mary's staue in the cellar with a very nice enrty exit passge. The two gigantic structures of the twin towers of the church are impressive.

St. Philomena's Church, Mysore