The practitioners involved

- Gujarat has a rich legacy and a heritage of embroidery that it has offered to India and the world. There are various communities in Kutch that are engaged in Kutch embroidery such as the womenfolk of the Rabari community who are essentially cattle breeders and embroiderers for whom the latter provides a great income. There are various sub groups as well that have their own distinct styles of embroidery.

- There are various villages such as Dumado, Dhorodo, Gorewali, Hodka that are known for their exquisite Kutch embroidery with appliqué work as well as Kutch embroidery on leatherwork.

- The Kutch clans are continuously reinventing their craft to make it a part of trendy modern day wear.

- Kutch embroidery has never lost its sheen and this colourful craft has considerably gained popularity over the years. From leather shoes, bags, jackets and belts to table cloth wall pieces, clothes and traditional dresses- Kutch embroidery has always been a hot favourite amongst the present generation.

The creative touch

- There are a lot of attempts made at giving a new look to the Kutch embroidery year after year. From different apparel to a wide range of products- Kutch embroidery is here to stay.

- A lot of fashion designers are also incorporating Kutch work in the modern trendy apparel which is creating a new fashion statement in many ways.

- Kutch embroidery is particularly prominent in Chaniya cholis which are particularly worn during Navratri. Each passing year showcases new designs and colours and thread work which is extremely appealing and adds more gusto to the festival season.

- Kutch embroidery has a worldwide appeal and is being incorporated in various clothes.

- The traditional design patterns are being fused into modern day wear to create trendy apparel.

- Since Kutch work is normally done on Cotton fabric, therefore it is very comfortable to wear and stylish at the same time.

- A lot of new designs and innovations keep coming up year after year in Kutch embroidery along with new merchandise such as waistcoats, purses, bags, back bags, jhola bags, jootis, sandals, skirts, scarves and belts.

- The vibrancy and colorfulness of these accessories can make any dull outfit look trendy.