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Baleshwar Beach

This beach is good for calm & quiet nature lovers. You can go here in the time of festival to get the charm of local life. One can spend the entire day and still not like to go away . 10 km from Puri towards Konark you will find the Bedi Hanuman temple which is visited by devotees and also picnic revelers who come to this beach.

Balukhand Wildlife Sanctuary

On your way to the Konark Sun Temple on Marine drive you can visit the Balukhand Wildlife sanctuary. It is a good habitat for deer, porcupine, snake and other reptiles. It is also full of causerina trees and has nice surroundings. Best visited during winter months, one would enjoy the sight of the waves on Chandrabhaga beach in Konark.

Markandesvara Temple

Markandeshwara Temple is where the sage Markendaya sat meditating on Lord Shiva and happened to spot a small baby on a banyan leaf floating in the sea. While doubting Lord Vishnu appeared and cleared that it indeed was the Lord. The Markandeshwar temple built since by the side of the Markandeswar tank is to the north of the Jagannath Temple, Puri. Markandeshwar temple is with an open structure tank within a stone wall of dressed laterite blocks. There are bathing ghats provided for normal bathing and rituals like Pinda Dana (for deceased ancestors), mundane kriya (sacred thread ceremony) etc. performed in the Hindu faith. The 12th century A.D. structures are intact till date and the place has been visited by many saints and revered scholars like Ramanujam in the past.