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Gadwal saree made in cotton are influenced by banarasi weaving style. While the base of the saree is cotton, there is a loosely attached silk border. Gadwal Sarees were traditionally woven in the interlocked-weft technique, called Kupadam or kuttu. Most of the Gadwal sarees have a rich border, different pallu and gold or silver zari brocades. Hand crafted designs on pure Gadwal cotton sari is very traditional. Fabulous prints on the Gadwal Sico sarees make them very eye-catching where usually copper or gold dipped zari is used in motifs and borders in these sarees.

The motifs of the murugan (peacock) and the rudraksh (rosary beads) are very popular. Traditional colours for these sarees are earth shades of browns, greys, and off-whites.


The Gadwal variation in Kotha Kota Silk is also a masterpiece, the base being woven in Silk but with a contrasting border and pallu. Mythical carvings, floral designs and other exquisite designs adorn the border, while the pallu is made of heavy rich zari, which together heighten the elegance of the wearer.

Gadwal sarees are famous for traditional wear and these Sarees are woven in silk with contrasting border and pallu. Different motifs are used in these sarees such as Youli, stylish Lion, double headed eagle, floral designs etc. The various border patterns are Hamsa or the mythical swan, combined with carvings and tendrils. Gadwal silk sarees have different color horizontal weaving zari Border and heavily rich zari pallu.

The most distinctive style of the Gadwal sarees are a mixed combination of cotton and silk. The cotton sarees are woven in small checks with a rich silk and gold border and pallu.