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Popular Tiruchirappalli attractions
Jambukeswarar Temple

A swayambu temple more than 1000 years old where the Shiva lingam is always covered with water from a perennial source. The water level is highest in Oct.-Dec. The Goddess resident is Akilandeshwari. It is said that the Goddess had a very fierce temper for which Shri Adi Shankara did penance to temper it and converted the anger into rings which adorn the Goddes even today. He also installed a huge Vinayagar who faces the Goddess directly to absorb any subsequent anger. The Goddess here is considered to be a spinster and is sought after for progressing well in education. The place is green and lovely with towers (gopurams), intricate and exquisite sculpture.

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple

This temple dates back to the Ramayana.Vibeeshan, was given this idol by Sri Rama Himself to comfort Vibeeshan during their separation after the Great Lanka war.Lakshmi Deviwanted to relish the glories of the Lord from the lips of PeriyaAlwar took her Birth and Merged into this Diety during her marriage with Lord Ranganatha.One can see the mortal body of SrimadRamanujacharya in this Temple even today.Once a year Samayapuram Amman visits this temple to receive benedictions from her Brother Sri Rangamannar (Sri Ranganatha) and this festival happens in the midst of River Cauvery. One has to visit this festival to experience!

Rock Fort Temple

A Temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the temple is situated at the top of the Rock. The architecture is amazing. There are more than 300 stairs to reach to the temple. The view of Trichy City is spectacular from this place. The rock fort temple is perched right on a rock in the midst of a bustling Trichy city.Lord Vinayakar sitting alone on the top gives real peace of mind for those who like to meditate!

Brahmapureeswarar Temple

A unique temple where one can pray to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma in the same place. Lord Brahma has a separate shrine at this temple. Some devotees place their Astrology Book at Brahma's feet, seeking his blessings. Visiting this temple one feels peaceful and blessed. The JivaSamadhi of Patanjali is a wonderful place to just sit and take in the silence.The tiny temples around this temple that hold 11 different lingams are also very nice. The highlight is the beautiful idol of Lord Bramha which is a rare sight.

Srirangam Melur Ayyanar Temple

A Vaishnava temple witha reclining form of Lord Vishnu facing South it has plenty of Dravidian architecture. It is on an island in the Cauvery river, with the temple area spread over 156 acres in seven enclosures to the temple, with 21 Gopurams. The principal or Rajagopuram’s height is around 236 ft. which is said to have been completed in the year 1987. Other 20 towers had been built during the 14th and 17th centuries. As per compilation of religious accounts, the deity idol is being worshiped since Treta Yuga. When the Chola King established the Ranganathaswamy temple, it was as one of the largest temple complexes in the world. The Vimanam shrine over the sanctum sanctorum is shaped like Om-symbol and is plated with gold. Sri Ranganathaswamy reclines on Adisesha, the coiled serpent. The complex houses shrines of dozens of forms of Lord Vishnu. The Hall of 1000 pillars is a fine example of a planned structure.