Materials used

The materials used to make the printed fabric, depend on the orders received for the finished product,

Cloths - a wide range of cloth such as cotton Maheshwari dress material, Kosa silk, bamboo chics, cotton rugs, chiffon, crepe, georgette tissue, and mulberry silk.

Printing blocks

Made of wood with the required patterns to create the prints on the fabric

Cotton fabrics:

Fine cotton (Mulmul) with 100x120s count, 92x80 picks for making sarees, dupattas and salwar suits;

cotton cambric of 40x40s count and 92x80 picks for dress material;

yardage fabric of 20x20s count for bed sheets or covers.

Other materials required are

Cenchura or raw salt, aarandikatel or castor oil, grounded excreta of goat, fitkari or alum, hirakasish or iron sulphate, jaggery, outer skin of pomegranate, leaves of indigo, lime, Sajji, leaves of Dhavdi, mengni, iron sulphate, chiyan or tamarind seed powder, dhavdakaphool (flower) for polishing and fixing, alizarine (non-red dyes) to fix colours