Arani , Tamil Nadu, famous for its traditional handloom silks has earned a name for the quality of the weaves and the durability of vibrant colours on its silk fabrics. There is an emphasis on deep striking colours, the characteristic use of zari patch borders, eye-catching hand-woven motifs that are popularly the peacock, mango fruit and exquisite floral patterns. The pallu of the saree is its highlighting feature with traditional and trendy floral designs with motif embroidered.

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A unique feature of the Arani Silk fabric is the innovative use of the half half saree. A half half Arani Silk Saree would have one colour or design on one half of the saree and the remaining half would have one or more colours, designs, patterns or motifs, border and pallu, with each half adorned differently. In other words they would have border and pallu on opposite ends of one side for the same fabric to be worn on two occasions differently.