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Sri Seshadri Swamigal ashram is nearby Sri Ramanashramam. Even though the place is less popular than other ashrams here, Sri Seshadri was no less a Great Saint. A contemporary of Sri Ramana this Saint has touched upon many lives. Please visit this ashram if you happen to be in tiruvannamalai. Hari Om!
This ashram is located beside Sri Ramana Ashram so you will not miss it you can book a room here if you do not get a room in Ramana Ashram on chargeable basis. get the darshan of Seshadri Swamigal who was instrumental in bringing out Sri Ramana Maharishi from patala cave situated in Arunachaleshwar temple. the story goes that Sri Ramana Maharishi was meditating in the patala cave oblivious to the ants and other insects eating into his skin Seshadri Swamigal saw this and convinced Ramana Maharishi to come out of this cave and gave shelter to him so do visit this ashram and get the blessings of Seshadri Swamigal.

He was one of the greatest saint known as "saint with golden hand". He was born to a religious parents due to the annai kamashi blessings. He was known as a divine child as he was not interested in the worldly attractions.Since childhood he was interested in tapaz, mediation and pooja. When her mother took him to a shop when he was only 4 years, he wanted to buy a bronz krishna idol. The shop owner seeing the divine face of the child gave it free, The next day all his idols were sold.


His mother wanted to marry him but due to his disintrest dropped it. After death of his parents, he moved to tiruvannamalai and used to wander in the streets with dirty rags around him. He neaver take both and stay in a house. he used to move with beggars and look like a mad man.He knows about future and his correct predictions attract many people. he will not allow bad people to come near him. People were afraid to go near him. After wandering 40 years he died in the mv malai in 1929. After his death the body was burried and a samadhi was built and an ashramam was constructed.Ramanar who came after him attended the funeral.Seshadri ashramam is less facilities and pnly few people come. The ramansr ashramam near by is spacious with all facilities and medidation hall. Ramanar was loved by all where as people afraid to go near seshadri swamigal.