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sathanur reservoir

Sattanur Reservoir and Dam are about 30+ kms from Thiruvannamalai. The dam is constructed on the Satanur reservoir that is giving way to Pennaiyar river. A very short drive that takes you to a well maintained park. Good for a family picnic spot. This location has been seen in many Indian films and is considered one of the best local attraction in Thiruvannamalai.

The drive from Thiruvannamalai to Sathanur is pretty good - scenic with lush green fields and most places shady with huge trees on either side of the road. The dam is not very big - in fact it is two small dams with outlets of the reservoir on either side of the dam. There is a nice park / garden all along the embankment with a public swimming pool as well. From the park there are flights of stairs to reach the embankment - which was partially closed due to security reasons (but still a long walk) The huge park has different sections with statues ranging from Adam and Eve to animals etc.

Half a Kilometer away into the "forest" is the crocodile farm.

The entry is 50 Paise and and is well worth a visit. There are about 15-20 enclosures with different croc species. Each enclosure has a small pond and a shady area for the crocs to rest in.

And outside the farm - lots of monkeys looking for food and approaching you slowly when we get out of the car - anticipating some food :-) Big, vast and gigantic dam with a beautiful(but be on the lookout for a lot of manholes)park.You can visit this place if you want some other outing while in Thiruvannamalai or are with kids who want their share of "PiLigrimAge"Y. Beautifully done statues for posing along.There's a crocodile park here too.

Sattanur Dam

Built across River Pennar is the Sathurnur Dam, which is a popular tourist attraction here. Other attractions like gardens and fountains are located near to the dam that offers entertainment facilities to the visitors who come here. Other attractions near to the Dam region are the ancient temple of Thirnkoilur with carved pillars and gopurams, Crocodile Park and a swimming pool.

Nice time pass place with crocodile park. The place offers good food as well.

Other places of interest close to Arani and Thiruannamalai are Mamara Guhai.