Warli Paintings – the appeal

- The wall paintings traditionally were done for special occasions such as festivals, weddings etc.

- Generally the womenfolk indulged themselves in these unique paintings that showed only events of daily life rather than mythological themes and religious images.

- A father son duo, Jivya Mashe and Balu Mashe started painting as an expression of their artistic talent. Slowly this came into the public domain when objects of daily use and fabrics like the saree carried these paintings and interested the market.

- In 2010 Coca Cola’s ‘Come Home to Diwali’ an ad campaign that featured the Warli painting turned the spotlight further on this unique art and gave a recognition to the youth of this tribe for their distinctive talents.

- Geometric designs dominate most paintings; dots and crooked lines are the units of these compositions. The appeal of these uni-color compositions lies in their simple unpretentious representations of the profound.

- Warli Paintings are characterized by the simple style employed to say the profoundest things. The use of color is restricted to a stark white against earthen backgrounds.

- Paintings are much more than designs on walls, they are authentic depictions of a way of life. However, the philosophy of a way of life, especially those of tribal societies, is best depicted through these colorful images.