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A Pancharama Kshetra of South India, Draksharamam, is one of the most frequented pilgrim centres of South India. It is one of the Shiva Pancharamas and one of 18 Shakti Peethas. It is famous as both Shiva kshetra and Shakti kshetra. Lord Bheemeswara Swamy and Manikyamba are main the deities here. This place is also called Dakshina Kashi.

Godavari Cruise

Godavari, a mighty river, a haven of beauty and tranquility, brimming with mountains, rivers, grasslands and abundant breathtaking landscapes has since the days of yore, always enchanted and awed one and all with its beauty. From dawn to dusk, it is a myriad of captivating and stunning colours with the sky and the river competing with each other. A feeling of warmness spreads allover when one watches the sun rise and one can literally feel the Godavari stretching out its legs. It looks surreal at sunset when the moon comes up over the horizon and the scarlet sun melts little by little into the river and the placid river is tinged golden by the setting sun, merging with the colorful sunset sky.

As the cruise moves on from Pattiseema, one can see on the left side of the Godavari the beautiful Sri Veerabhadra Swamy Temple, which is picturesquely located on a hill known as Devakuta Parvatha in the middle of the Godavari River. A bumpy ride on a crude motorboat gets you to the little island temple. Considered to be one of the Panchakashi Kshetrams of the Shaivites, the temple has a beautiful Nandi statue. Carved images of dancers adorn the temple walls. An awe-inspiring life size sculpture of Devi Bhadrakali bedecked with ornaments and a sword immediately catches your eye.

Korukonda (The Vaishnava Divya Kshetram)

Located at a distance of 60 kms from Kakinada, 20 kms from Rajahmundry and 110 kms from Amalapuram, is the Korukonda Temple, an ancient and historical temple, a Vaishnava Divya Kshetram, a prominent temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu Avataram. It is called Korukonda `where koru means wish and konda means hill in telugu'. Thus, it is a wishing hill or God who immediately heeds to the wishes of the devotees. The presiding deity here is Lord Sri Narasimha Swamy. Here at Korukonda, the Lord is known as "Satvika Narasimha'', because he is accompanied here by his consort, Lakshmi Devi. There two temples of Lord Sri Narasimha Swamy in this village. One is at the top of a steep and narrow hill adjacent to the village, and the other temple at the foot of the hill. Of the two temples, one is a Swayambhu (self originating) and the other one which has been installed. The swayambhuvu is situated at the top of the hill which a pilgrim can access only through a long flight of 650 steps which are very steep and narrow. Because of this steepness, this temple has been called Korukonda.. The Swayambhu deity is situated at about 120 mts height atop the hill. The deity of temple of swayambuvu which is atop of the hill measures about 9 inches in height.

Gollala Mamidada

Located at a distance of 20 Km from Kakinada, in the midst of coconut gardens, the green fields and natural surroundings, and on the banks of river "Thulya Bhaga" (Antharvahini) is a well known pilgrim centre known as G. Mamidada (Gollala Mamidada) which is also called as Gopurala Mamidada, famous for its Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple. It is the second famous temple after Arasavilli(in Srikakulam). This temple was incepted by the Late Sri Kovvuri Basivi Reddy in the year 1920, who was the Jamindar of Gollalamamidada and a great philanthropist.

Talupulamma Thalli Temple – Lova

Wedged between 2 heavily forested hillocks, stands the Thalupulamma Thalli Lova Temple offering a breathtaking view of the valley below which is just a sample of the natural beauty of East Godavari, often claimed as "The God’s Own District". Located not far from the famous Temple town of Annavaram, is the abode of Thalupulamma Thalli. It is a fascinating and irresistible destination for both lovers of nature and adventure as well as pilgrims.

The deity Thalupulamma Thalli is said to be a "Swayambhu" (self-incarnate). She is called Thalupulamma Thalli because "the mere thought" (thalapu) of her is enough for the Goddess to grant boons for her devotees. The Goddess is so kind hearted, so compassionate that she doesn’t wait for her devotees to come to her. Just one mere thought of her and she rushes to her devotees and grants them whatever they pray for, ask for. To access this Temple one must climb a long and steep flight of steps starting from the ornate entrance getaway that leads up to the sanctum of Goddess Thalupulamma Thalli. While climbing these long and steep flights of steps, the devotees halt for a few minutes at an intermediary landing where they worship Lord Vighneswara and other deities present there. The devotees who come here prepare their food (Prasadam), offer it to the Goddess, have the prasadam and then leave the premises after worshipping the deity.