Badamwari Garden

This is a very beautiful garden with mostly almond trees and hence name is Badamwari. Most tourist don't come here and you can find mainly local people here, hence a very calm place to spend an hour or so. They have a wonderful collection of flowers and structures. We get a beautiful view of the Hari Parbat and the fort. It’s very well maintained by the J&K bank funding. It’s a very peaceful place with not many visitors as it is located in the Old Srinagar town.

Pari Mahal

Sitting right at the top of srinagar is this place of history and beauty. Built on several levels, views from this palace are very beautiful and will give you a fair idea of Srinagar City. The park has an awesome view with mountains as a backdrop. There is a beautiful collection of flowers followed by a two storey arrangement, with one provided for rose flowers. It also gives a great view of the golf course, Dal lake and a Helipad at the bottom. A beautiful sunset to watch it is a serene and peaceful place.

Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Botanical Gardens

This garden named after India's first prime minister is one of the best botanical gardens in the country which houses many types of ornamental plants, flowers and vegetation. Tourists visiting this garden can also visit nearby world famous Chashma Shahi garden and its spring, Roop Bhavani Temple and many nearby Moghal gardens. It is a nice garden for a walk with an artificially made pond, and various smaller gardens in a step formation. There are many trees and flowers to be enjoyed. The most striking is the backdrop of mountains. The best part of visit of Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Botanocal Garden is Flowers and Paddle Boating.


A monument in the old city on the banks of river Jhelum, this is lovely blend of persian and ancient Dogra architecture building stands on huge logs of Deodars. The sculpting is amazing and has to be appreciated. A good study for lovers of archeology and architecture, this famous shrine among the Kashmiris also has its doors open for all. Seat of early Islamic learning where the late sufi saint Shahi Hamdaan is believed to have given discourse to hundreds of thousands of locals from the valley teaching them the basics of Islam. The saint moved to Kashmir with seven hundred of his followers. included men of arts and crafts. They popularized Shawl-making, carpet-manufacturing, cloth-weaving, pottery and calligraphy, which brought about a revolution in the thinking process of the local Kashmiris, that gave rise to a vibrant industry, especially that of the world famous Kashmir shawls.


Hokersar is a wetland that is situated 14 km from Srinagar. Thousands of migratory birds come to Hokersar from Siberia and other regions in the winter season. Migratory birds from Siberia and Central Asia use the wetlands in Kashmir as their transitory camps between September and October and again around spring. These wetlands therefore play a vital role in sustaining a large population of wintering, staging and breeding birds.