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Poiman Karadu

It’s a hilltop giving off a mirage of a deer with two horns. This hilltop is around 9 kms from the Salem City on the Salem-Namakkal National highway. Trekking is one of the adventurous sports one can undertake in Poiman Karadu. Not a difficult trek, though one has to be careful about a few rolling stones and slanting rocks at some points. October to March is the best time to visit this hilly region. If you observe from a particular angle, you can see a deer standing in the rock crevice. From other angles you will not see the deer.

Siddhar Temple

The Kanchamalai Siddhar temple and the Lord Muruga temple are on top a small hill. The Muruga temple is small and quite famous. The Kanchamalai Siddhar temple is one of the most famous temples for the city and has special poojas during no-moon days.

Sri Ramar Temple

A forgotten architectural beauty is the Ramar Temple. It is officially called the Sri Kodandapani Ramar temple. Arriving at the temple one is welcomed by a tall gopuram. Almost directly opposite the gopuram there is the temple chariot. The exquisite carvings on the wooden chariot is a clear indication of the architectural splendour that is held within the temple. Upon entering the temple complex, the main temple dedicated to Lord Rama is visible. The main temple has numerous pillars, each of them a carved beauty. The pillars can produce musical sounds when tapped. I am also told that sun rays would fall on the Anjaneya temple adjacent to the main temple during the full moon of Chithirai month(April-May). There is also a story that the coronation ceremony of Sri Ram actually happened here considering the auspicious time and the one at Ayodhaya was a second coronation!!!