The special appeal of mirror work on fabrics

Mirror work on sarees lend them a sparkling appearance, enhances the look of plain sarees or those with dull appearance and if imaginatively used tend to heighten the appeal of designer fabrics. It has been used effectively on a variety of fabrics like cotton, silk, chiffon, crepe, georgette and Supernet.

Innovative uses have been made like the subtle strategic positioning on the fabric as part of an intended design, where the mirror is used in specific shapes to lend more life-like quality to the fabric. For example, it could be Bindi on the forehead of a woman’s face, very shapely sparkling eyes of a face or the centre of a flower in a floral pattern.

The circular shape is most popular, though other shapes like square, triangular, or some other geometrical shape like polygon, hexagon, also figure in the designs and fixed to the fabric by placing the mirrors in the desired places and putting cross stitches over them in a pattern.