Kasuti - trivia

- Kasuti work has grown beyond its traditional boundaries to be used in other dress materials like the Mysore silk saree.

- A Lambani Kasuti centre was set up in Hubli by the Department of Social Welfare, Government of Karnataka, to encourage the Kasuti culture and also provide a single roof for the Lambani women to showcase their craft.

- However Kasuti work is suffering from poor patronage with not many people willing to take the craft seriously; an indication of which is the closure of the Karnataka Kasuti classes run by a college in Dharwad.

- Traditionally, the technique, motifs and nuances of Kasuti are generally passed down by older women to young girls.

- Young girls especially enjoy embroidering the Chandrakala saree, a black or blue-black silk saree with an end panel filled with motifs that is the pride of a bride’s trousseau. Mirrors worked into the embroidery add to its charm. The word Chandrakala translates as ‘phases of the moon.’