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Places to visit in and around Dharmavaram

Lepakshi finds a mention in the Ramayana as the place where Garuda tried to stop Ravana who had kidnapped Sita and was killed. The original temple complex was built during the Vijaynagar Kingdom and consisted of 7 rings of Complex structure. Now only 3 rings remain, the rest being converted into the Lepakshi Village over a period of time. Thus, you would find the Nandi, the largest bull carved of a single rock, at the entrance of the village. Lepakshi which is situated about 120 kms from Bangalore and about 16 kms off the Hyderabad highway is an ideal day trip. The main presiding diety is Veerabhadra in the main innermost complex. There is also a carving of a Chinese Traveller which proves that the chinese traded with South India in those times too.


The Iskcon temple at Somuladoddi near Ananthapur - on the Bangalore- Hyderabad National Highway. The temple is located around 200 Kms from Bangalore and around 5 to 6 kms beyond Ananthapur. It is like any ISKCON temple in basic features but much smaller (& simpler) than the one in Bangalore. However the temple is constructed artistically in the shape of a Chariot with four wheels pulled by four horses.

Mounagiri Hanuman Temple

The place is very calm and attractive . The main idol is of 36 Ft height where it is said that this is Tallest Monolithic Abhaya Hanuman statue in South India . The Temple construction is Going on still . But the place is very beautiful and good for doing meditation .

Thimmamma Marrimanu

It is a tree that has survived due to the sacrifice of a lady and because she died with him on his pyre. This is what made the banyan sapling plant near the pyre so scared that it has survived 400 years and spread over 8 acres. The locals also have pitched in for its conservation. Fenced all around one can spend peaceful time over here.