Tools Used for printing

The tools needed for this traditional art are as below:

• Bhaant or Block - Each printer has hundreds of blocks to choose from while printing his designs.

• Paatia - printing table on which the fabric to be printed upon is spread out flat and stretched.

• Tari or Wooden receptacle or tray for keeping the dry colour to be mixed with water in the vat

• Dye vats for preparing the dye by mixing the color and water in them. The clothes to be dyed are put in them and stirred around to color them.

• Chipri - a spliced bamboo mesh

• Kambal ki gaddi - a thick felt fabric to be used as sponge

• Malmal - a fine fabric to print with fine blocks.


Motifs are inspired from Mughal period motifs, Boota or corn stalk, Surajmukhi (sunflower), chakri, genda( a flower), anguthi (ring), jalli (sieve or grid)), bel(vines), jaal (mesh or net), camel, horse, dancing females, peacocks, mangoes, leaves, animals and various geometric patterns.

The designs thus created are repeated over and over again all over the fabric.

Sometimes, the mud paste cracks and leaks, creating a distinctive vein like effect similar to Batik.