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Surayanarayana Temple

Very nice temple in a very serene environment. The temple has some brilliant vibrations and makes your inner self very happy. Nice place to go spend a few hours. A very well maintained and clean temple. The approach is a bit difficult – but not an issue if you have your own vehicle. Temple has a very serene atmosphere.

Art of Living International Center

The lush green trees all around have a rejuvenating effect. Ears soak up the soothing sounds of chirping birds. The serene ambience of the Vishalakshi Mantap (the 5-tier lotus meditation hall) gives you an opportunity to go deeper and complements your meditation retreat. “It’s a place to be with nature and to be with yourself,”. Very clean & well-maintained, lots of greenery & open space. The Mandap looks majestic once it is lit up in the evening. The atmosphere feels more spiritual than religious & is worth spending an evening even if one is not an Art Of Living follower. The cafe that serves organic fare has a good sampling of dishes that are reasonably priced. The campus being huge walking around could be a challenge for the elderly.

Infant Jesus Shrine

Visited by Christian believers mostly, you have visitors from other faiths also. This Shrine is famous for its novena on Thursdays. It has nice architecture and one feels refreshed and energized after attending mass at this church. There is wide belief that the prayers at this Church are responded to very quickly and so the infant Jesus’ blessings are immediately sought. The choir in this place is supposed to be very good and those visiting on Sundays get to be fortunate to hear them.

Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum

Must visit place for all the science and techie people. There's a whole lot of stuff, well maintained as well. The Engine Hall and the Space Gallery is a must for science enthusiasts. An excellent opportunity to find how technical equipment works as you have demo or live models. You press a button or move a handle and the mechanism starts working. Adults can also enjoy the trip with the kids. There are mini theatres which educate you on different topics. Don't miss the shows. There is a good demo of the dinosaur giving out a loud cry. The thermal power station also is worth a watch.

Flight 4 Fantasy

Flight 4 Fantasy stands true to its name. This simulated flight experience gives wings to your fantasy of flying a plane. The tilting cockpit adds to the reality of the experience. The flight for fantasy has simulations for three different types of craft: a Boeing 737, a fighter jet and a smaller one. the simulations are good and those around give good explanations of the craft and their operations.