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City Fort Palace

Also called the Garh Palace, it was once the centre of power of the walled city of Kota. Although not maintained properly, the remains still remind of the royal splendor of the empire that once existed. Not one of the greater fort-palaces of Rajasthan. Yet it has a rich record of local Rajput History. For heritage buffs it is advisable to carry cameras on payment inside. Occasionally one may have to persuade the local guide to allow photography of the miniature paintings. The Kota school of Rajput paintings does reflect the Moghul features of historical painting. The carvings And frescoes on the upper levels makes it a worthwhile 3-4 hours. Although the entire complex is not open for casual touristy sightseeing, serious visitors may be entertained on request. The views from the upper portions, lend a charm to the palace-fort. The dust-laden artefacts, are a valuable historical collection of the Rajput Royalty. The toilets and the restaurant are a relief for the tourist, a walk around can add to the local flavour of the place. While exploring around please be dressed in keeping with the Local ambience, as foreigners venturing out on their own still draw curious looks.

Chambal Safari Day Tours

Un-explored and Un-exploited River Safari that takes us to a location where there are no proper roads, uneven land and no men seen in the vicinity. One can see Vultures, their Nests, Crocodiles, Bats sleeping on trees and owls. A trip for the adventurous only!

Moti Mahal

Just an architectural wonder of the modern world, that people stop by to explore, for a short while.

Mathuradheesh Mandir

One of the oldest temples in Kota's history, are these twin set of the larger and smaller Mathuradheesh temples. The epitome of the celebrations at all Krishna-mandir are around spring-time in North India, and so the best time to visit both the Mathura-situated temples as also these temple areas is around March, when the weather is comfortable and not too hot or too wet and not at all cold.

Kansua Temple

It is a 7th Century Shiva temple. Legend has it that the Pandavas built it and that is what the locals will tell you. However the 7th century inscriptions on the wall, definitely gives it an element of authenticity. Although the idol and compound are badly damaged by the muslim invaders, the temple still stands firm. It has a water body nearby where people take bath. The surroundings are not good due to the industrial wastes and poor management but the aura that prevails surpasses everything.

Gaipernath Waterfall

It’s a place worth visiting after the monsoon when the valley is green and you get to see a lot of beautiful sights. A series of stairs take you to the bottom where there is a shiva temple and moving ahead, you'll reach the waterfall. It’s good to plan weekend excursions but be careful, the rocks are slippery and once you fall you could go straight into the river.

Hariyali Water Park

On the Jaipur highway, the greenery lends a cool ambience to the place. Ideally it can be an all time favourite , though with younger kids in the family one needs to reconsider their getting in the water for a long time specially when it gets nippy and cooler. To thoroughly enjoy the place a little more than a full afternoon and beyond is advisable.

Government Museum Kota

It is a very old museum in the city with a lot of old artefacts. Not visited by too many.

Rao Madho Singh Museum

Overall, it is good as a museum. The view around the museum and from the top are lovely. There's a women's school at the top of the museum. The fresco paintings inside are fine and worth visiting for.

City Mall

Like any city with its modern day shopping delights, this place is most frequented by the young generation.

Jawahar Sagar Dam

Jawahar Sagar Dam is a dam across the Chambal River. It is situated 24 kilometres south-west of Kota, Rajasthan, India. It is one of the dams which have been built under the Chambal Valley project of State of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.The dam produces 99 MW (3x33 MW) of hydro power.

Sawan Phuhar Waterpark , Kota

A good weekend getaway fo th locals, a picnic spot for the visitors. It’s like any other water park with a couple of slides and eateries but certainly entertaining for the kids.

Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary

Not much by way of a regular sanctuary. But the chambal river excursion ould take a couple of hours with moving towards Garadiya Mahadeva horse shoe meander from the Chambal Garden side. Ample water birds, owls, vultures of different kinds and to top it all a family of sloth bears could be surprise elements that somewhat try to get the place some visitors.

Raniji Ki Baoli

Huge Step Wells - an opportunity to see them first hand. The Rani Ji Ki Baori is a wonderful example of these amazing wells. Even if it is not used now and the water in the bottom is a bit dirty, the architecture and history is fascinating. Worth a visit!