When saree becomes your canvas and nature becomes your Muse, you get the Breath Taking Hand Painted Kota Sarees Collection – Discover Now..


Land of the Desert, a rhythm in its tunes, a rhythm in the way of life, Rajasthan is also a traditional hub for textiles since centuries and displays a lyrical quality in its fabrics. Be it the Bandhani dotted designs or the smooth textured colorful Kota Dorias, the wavy colorful creations of the Leheria Shibori Sarees or the creative prints of the Bagru and Dabu, it is one big display of the traditional and the trendy that keeps them ever sought after.

A new Wave of Kota Cottons from Unnati Silks

Familiar with the market’s perpetual need for something new and exciting at every turn in time, Unnati Silks has a policy of anticipating this need and intelligently experiments with colors and prints, adornments and additions in bringing out its offerings that have seldom failed to enthuse. A study of the likes and dislikes of customers, the popularity of a certain motif, the love for a certain hue, the affinity for a particular color combination or the desirability of certain prints, nothing escapes the studying gaze in the customer-centric attitude of Unnati Silks.

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The Kota Cotton Saree is translucent muslin, much preferred for its light weight, softness and airy comfort. The Kota Cotton Saree is woven in a manner designed to produce check patterns on the fabric. The square shaped checks comes through weave employs the warp and the weft in a special combination of cotton threads to form the extremely fine checkered pattern. The standard Kota Doria Saree is woven in white and later dyed in different colours.

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Check out the new range of Kota Cotton saree offerings from Unnati Silks

What are the highlights of this range?

  • They are inspired weaves with lovely hand painted themes that spread across the entire fabric or are kept within the colored border all around a plain field.
  • The themes centre around beauty and nature – imagery of women, vinery, shapely leaves,lovely large peacocks, Indian musical instruments, that which are popular and felt interesting.
  • The choice of colors is very judicious, a beautiful combination of the vibrant and lighter shades.
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  • The Kota cotton is a unique weave for its smooth texture and naturally appearing checks design in self color, that looks very appealing even on an undecorated plain saree.
  • A unique feature is the lovely nicely done hand painting that is done on a smooth textured fabric like the Kota Cotton which makes it difficult for good adhesion unless repeated strokes are made. In this case that has not been necessary considering the skill of the ethnic practitioners.
  • The typical zari lining on the border adds to the allure.
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Available to view online, do visit www.unnatisilks.com to explore and indulge in what should definitely be –a wonderful buy to flaunt.