Discover the Magic of Wool on Cotton!! – Presenting the Delicately crafted Woolen Embroidery Sarees

A tradition in fine silks is good, branching out into cotton as well adds to the variety. But fabrics have also to be interesting besides being nicely woven, smooth textured, creatively colored and easy on the eye. They need to be something novel and untried to first get the market interested, and then let the market ask for more of the stuff. Those that experiment and innovate, improvise and offer differently are bound to always stay busy and feel wanted.

A novel Unnati Silks range of Mysore Cotton sarees

True to its word, strong on its commitment Unnati Silks once again brings out its new range of Mysore cottons; avatars with an interesting twist.

There are three variants of the range that one gets to see.

  • The Mysore cotton saree with wollen work
  • The Mysore cotton silk saree with woolen work
  • The Mysore cotton silk with exquisite embroidery

A small mention here! Wool has been used in the embroidery but the base fabric remains cotton. Wool as an entire fabric may restrict the wearing to a few months of the year and possible to wear only in certain regions of India because of its tropical climate on an average. So colored wool has been used as a decorative element instead and its use has been justified. More importantly the effect of two different fabric yarns cotton and wool have worked to create devastating magic in contrast.


First let us explore the Mysore cotton saree.

  • A lovely bunch of pastels that have been beautified with imaginative embroidery. The catch? Instead of thread as usual, colored wool has been tried out. The result? Magnifique!
  • The sarees are plain in the body barring motifs distributed far and wide across the expanse. Simple round circles formed by woolen embroidery.
  • The eye-catching feature is the beautiful flowery design with tendrils and shoots all along the periphery. The entire design is color wool embroidered, contrasting beautifully with the pastel color of the body.
  • Added to the allure are three different colored parallel lines of wool embroidery flanking the floral embroidery on its outer side.
  • There is no special demarcation of Pallu (end-piece) and it is like one wonderful rectangular piece of fabric exquisitely designed and executed in woolen thread. The tassels at the pallu end seem nice.
  • The choice of colors even in the pastel shades is very judicious to make the selection bewitching.
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Then we have the Mysore cotton silk blend fabric that also has the same woolen embroidery to do the adornment. What does this variety offer?

  • We saw that the border had gained prominence in the previous avatar. Here it is the Pallu, like any decorative saree that once again becomes the focus of attention. A bi-color product with the body being plain and slightly dark with sparsely distributed motifs in contrast color wool embroidery, the border thin and contrasting, but the Pallu colour and shade contrasting with that of the body.
  • But what is simply terrific is the creativity of the ethnic practitioners in designing the pallu. A lovely checker type Kutch work design with an inclusive smaller design that makes the effect of the saree exceptionally eye-catching. The wearer would simply dazzle the onlookers. The vibrancy of the colors chosen is brilliant and neon-like and it would take a discerning eye from afar to see that it is not thread but wool that is creating the devastating effect.
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A third range is that of Mysore Cotton silks but with a difference.

  • Instead of wool the usual thread embroidery takes over.
  • What is unusual is the manner in which the border is designed. Exquisite decorative embroidery is towards the bottom end of the saree as a border. Large and wide, it runs the entire length of one side. The opposite top end has a plain color border.
  • The body is plain but dual colored in lovely contrast with beautiful small motifs sparsely but uniformly distributed in a nice arrangement, with the motifs themselves also thread embroidered so very nicely.
  • The Pallu or end piece itself has been continue from the body portion till the end, thereby making the wide border the focus of attention.
  • It is the exquisiteness of the thread embroidery that creates an awesome effect for the wearer to bask in.

The collection has very recently been introduced to the market. While loyalists have definitely gone gaga over it, new admirers of the fresh avatars are being added every day.

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So why wait for anybody to tell you? Just explore and pick your choice before it gets too familiar.

In conclusion one may say “May the ethnic weaver of handlooms get the inspiration and encouragement to sustain such creativity”.



Yellow Pure  Plain Cotton Linen Saree-UNM75041Yellow Pure  Plain Cotton Linen Saree-UNM75041
Dark Blue Pure  Plain Cotton Linen Saree-UNM75040Dark Blue Pure  Plain Cotton Linen Saree-UNM75040
Black Pure  Plain Cotton Linen Saree-UNM75039Black Pure  Plain Cotton Linen Saree-UNM75039
Dark Olive Green Pure  Plain Cotton Linen Saree-UNM75038Dark Olive Green Pure  Plain Cotton Linen Saree-UNM75038
Grey-Orange Pure  Dyed Kota Silk Saree-UNM75036Grey-Orange Pure  Dyed Kota Silk Saree-UNM75036
Yellow-Dark Blue Pure  Dyed Kota Silk Saree-UNM75034Yellow-Dark Blue Pure  Dyed Kota Silk Saree-UNM75034
Violet-Blue Pure  Dyed Kota Silk Saree-UNM75031Violet-Blue Pure  Dyed Kota Silk Saree-UNM75031
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Pink-Blue Pure  Dyed Kota Silk Saree-UNM75028Pink-Blue Pure  Dyed Kota Silk Saree-UNM75028