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Plain sarees – a good change for the eyes

The Indian saree

The saree is traditional attire in most parts of India. It is also a national heritage which has in current times assumed the dimensions of a fashion statement. Many types of saris are worn in India. From the plain, simple coloured and lightly adorned cotton and silk blends worn by many women in their daily routine, to the jazzy stylish heavily decorated silks with all sorts of finery and additive features known as fashion and special wear meant for exclusive occasions such as weddings, grand parties or social invites.

The novelty of plain sarees

Plain sarees are generally considered to be those that lack the basic adornments on the field of the saree like motifs, patterns or designs that generally adorn the saree backdrop. Instead the concentration is on the choice of colour, the matching borders which would have the additional adornments and the pallu or end-piece which would have the light self coloured weave or remain plain and have a small colourful line border or a patch border. The effect of such a simple weave with minimum additions has an extraordinary appeal and allure on account of its simplicity.

Buy online Plain sarees at Unnati Silks

Unnati Silks has a fine collection of Plain sarees spread over many varieties each with their special colour combinations and border and pallu features with one thing in common. The sarees are plain throughout. You have the white and light coloured fresh-looking Phulia sarees of West Bengal. Then you have the Chettinad cottons