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Article: This Spring Go Pastels with our Exquisite Cross Stitch & Parsi Embroidery Sarees Collection

This Spring Go Pastels with our Exquisite Cross Stitch & Parsi Embroidery Sarees Collection

This Spring Go Pastels with our Exquisite Cross Stitch & Parsi Embroidery Sarees Collection

Plain is Anathema in today’s age, very much so in fabrics. Thread work art constitutes one of the most desired forms of adornment.

A simple pattern or design, an arrangement even simple thread work is required or the customer to even include a fabric product in the selection to be chosen from. While prints and hand painting constitute the simpler of the forms of adornment where the design or image catches the eye, the more elaborate and difficult forms of process crafts like Ikat, Bandhani, or the intricate and exquisite thread art forms or embroidery intrigue and interest by the very feeling of their being out of the ordinary.

India is known for its embroidery or thread work art since ages, and despite the trials and tribulations that the art practitioners have faced down the ages, the art of embroidery as a whole has never lost its sheen.

Handcrafted embroidery is exclusive and a treasured art since it is painstaking, time consuming, and a lot of care and dedication is put in by ethnic practitioners into the work, resulting in flawless creations of exquisite beauty.

Zardozi, Chikankari, Kantha work, Bagh, Kashida, Kutchi, Parsi work, Kasuti are some of the exceptional embroidery techniques that come to mind.

Let us explore the offerings.

1. The Chanderi is known for the magic of its soft waves and amazing lustrous transparency. The quality of the fabric is matched by the exquisite art of cross stitch embroidery in its well-distributed, evenly spaced motifs.

Kasuti is a traditional form of embroidery practised on cotton fabrics known for its intricate patterns and difficult themes which have a lot of detailing. This delicate embroidery is painstaking since there are a large number of stitches to be put, with different needles and proper thread to be selected. There are four popular stitches in Kasuti - double running stitch, zig zag stitch, the running stitch and cross stitch.

The highlighting features of this combination are the amazing thread work patterns in cross stitch in the thread color beautifully contrasting the color of the field. The Pallu does not grab any attention since it is continuous with the field. The thin golden zari all around bordering all four sides adds to the allure. The selection that is entirely of pastel colors with nice intricate embroidery would make the wearer of the saree look better than she could expect.

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2. Soft in feel and sensual in appearance, Georgette Sarees are airy, light, generally colorful fabrics with smooth texture and the market is not new to its virtues. Plain weave fabrics, created by alternating S and Z twist yarns, accepting a wide range of dye colours and shades, the soft, the Georgette Saree is most comfortable all-day wear, equally good in appearance as for utility.

Parsi embroidery is a unique part of India’s diverse textile heritage. Stitched in many colors, beautifully executed, this delicate embroidery in pastel and deep shades bears testimony to the superior craftsmanship of the Parsi embroiderers. Parsi embroidered sarees appear very pictorial and smooth flowing like a composition, aesthetically colorful and delicately presented. Pure hand embroidery, it represents a virtue of parsi culture – patience.

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We present a display of a wonderful art on the pastel and deep but vibrant shades of Georgette for an ethereal experience.

The beauty of the collection lies in the choices of embroidery. Golden colored threadwork in round motifs spread over the field in ornate floral designs that are breathtaking. The decorative borders all along the periphery in chamki work are sizzling belts of finery. Other amazing combinations with extraordinary allure through exquisite embroidery in motifs and borders are simply desirable.

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3. Linen is acknowledged in the fashion industry as ‘the fabric for all seasons’ – one that is known to better cotton for the summer heat, is smooth in texture, soft to touch, absorbent; that keeps the body cool and comfortable at all times. In nice imaginative adornments and with such wonderful qualities as a fabric, linen sarees with natural lustre and cool comfort, make for great all-day wear for the Indian working woman and housewife alike. Coupled with endearing qualities like strength, resistance to abrasion and durability is the ability to take on a whole lot of colors, shades & textures.

The Linen is explored in the delightful soft and endearing shades of English colors or the pastel shades. Here one is able to appreciate the virtues of various forms of stitch or thread work like cross stitch plain stitch, and others in attractive spread out but well-chosen motifs.

The allure of the offerings is awesome!

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4. The Kota Cotton Saree is woven in a manner designed to produce check patterns on the fabric that appear as self color square shaped checks. The process employs the warp and the weft in a special combination of cotton threads to form the extremely fine checkered pattern. Woven in white and later dyed in different colours the Kota Cotton Saree is fine, translucent muslin, much preferred for its light weight, softness and airy comfort. Woven in square patterns, with plenty of zari lining work, variations in borders and a whole array of bright colours and shades with beautiful embroidery work, they create stunning effects.

The Kota cotton sarees are given a new avatar in lovely English colors or Pastels with innotive thread work to go with. Something that you cannot give a miss!

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5. Mangalagiri Handloom Sarees are crisp-finish fabrics of cotton, cotton-silk or mercerized cotton, known for their heavy gold thread or Zari borders, Nizam designs and striking colour combinations. Various motifs like leaf, mango, parrot, gold coin add to the appeal whereas prints and embroidery create attractive offerings.

The lovely fine count Mangalagiri handloom cotton sarees in the new pastel range and sparsely but decoratively embroidered evenly distributed motifs are a feast for the eyes. One cannot miss out the fine zari borders and thin zari linings that are typical Mangalagiri features.

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The focus of this fine experiment in Pastels, exquisite embroidery and fabric finesse has been well-received as per initial reports and the momentum in exploring purchases to be made is anything to go by, then future ideas similar to these could be explored.

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