Witness the Beauty of New Age Block Prints on Classy Chanderi Silk Cottons Sarees – Crafted by Unnati


Say ‘Chanderi’ and most women around would have a pleasing smile and a lit-up face at the mention, eager expectation in the mind as to when they could view the new avatar. That is the magical quality of a fabric that has started traditional and reached designer, in a beautiful seamless blend of both. It started with the small stylish bootis or motifs interspersed with the ‘larger’ captivating bootas traditionally, on a weave that even today speaks of softness, smoothness and natural shine. Later came the revolutionary block prints and the charismatic contrast borders. Today it has been explored with many other adornments like imagery, hand painting and embroidery, among others.

A new range of Chanderi Sico sarees from Unnati Silks

The love for the traditional handloom, the recognition of its fabric worth, the Chanderi sarees from Central India (MP in fact) has always been fascinating and dear for its immense possibilities in craft, color, combinations, creativity and class to Unnati Silks and is a prized part of its immense handloom collection.


What’s the new range this time then?

  • Beautiful range of the light and dark, light in the background, the dark contrast in the Lepaskshi imagery and border. It has both different colors like black and cream, same colors but in different shades of self color in the light and dark. A nice zari lining on the inner side of the color border helps in accentuating the look.

  • There are the Kalamkari printed Pure Chanderi sico sarees that have a lovely floral printed garden with plenty of flowers and vines in beautifully arrangements throughout the expanse of the saree. Eye-catching, contrasting to the saree color wide borders elevate the look tremendously, supplemented by a continued Pallu or end piece in the same color with a lightly printed design in self color slightly darker that finishes the delightful theme. Sensational on the wearer, envy for the gazers!
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  • We have the sensational single color sarees with a plain light background a dark designer front atop it in the dark shade of the same color. A floral feast for the eyes, decoratively designed and presented, with a dual color border, one in the plain hue as that of the body, the other a delightful parallel zari one on its inner. The pallu or end piece again maintains the same body color but is decked with imaginative block prints in the darker shade. A brilliant execution of shades in a single color imaginatively displayed.

  • Wallow in the designer pure Chanderi Sico fare with a lot of designer stuff. Flowery scapes, floral spreads, exotic fare with waterside scenery like vegetation, the crane and other sights in vibrant pastels. A plain colored background with the designer themes in the foreground in multicolor and neatly fusing without color clash is what it is exciting. Slightly darker shaded than the body color or nice matching colors are used for the border and pallu or end-piece. The pallu neatly accommodates light bands aligned across the width while the enticing zari border on the inner of the main color border completes the pretty picture.
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  • Biege, Ivory, off-white are some of the very light background shades to present the floral scenic designer fronts on them in the nice Chanderi Sico fabric.
  • A special range of Chanderi Cotton silk sarees sport ethnic designer prints on the wide expanse with lovely contrast colored borders and Pallu. The zari lining inner border adds to the chemistry. The ethnic prints have been imaginatively presented like never before – fresh and inviting.
  • While the above ones have the designer body full of ethnic prints, this lot has plain smooth versions of deep colors in plain expanse and ethnic designer prints adorning the peripheral borders. An idea explored creatively with amazing pull. A full range of Chanderi cotton silks in single colors using variety in shades of the same color and the charm of the Lepakshi Prints. An excellent choice of designs and awesome display.


In passing

The single filature method of weaving and the fineness of the yarn used, produces the outcome of a fabric, sheer in quality and smooth in texture and despite having travelled through time, there has never been a compromise in traditional artistry and craftsmanship till date. A reputation that has grown in time, and fuelled expectations of exotic designs and captivating patterns at each re-appearance, the love of the market for the Chanderi has never ceased. The elegance, and the grandeur that the Chanderi Saree lends to the wearer, makes it ideal for special occasions, like marriages, weddings, festivals, parties and social functions. It could also serve as corporate-wear.

The exterior of the Chanderi by way of patterns and prints may change but the soul of the fabric remains, wherein lies the secret of a fabric enduring the ravages of time yet remaining true to what it is known for.

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Green Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree With Cotton Printed Blouse Piece-UNM75368Green Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree With Cotton Printed Blouse Piece-UNM75368
Red Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree With Cotton Printed Blouse Piece-UNM75362Red Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree With Cotton Printed Blouse Piece-UNM75362
Purple Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree With Cotton Printed Blouse Piece-UNM75358Purple Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree With Cotton Printed Blouse Piece-UNM75358
Turquoise Blue Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree With Cotton Printed Blouse Piece-UNM75348Turquoise Blue Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree With Cotton Printed Blouse Piece-UNM75348
Turquoise Blue Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree-UNM75332Turquoise Blue Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree-UNM75332
Blue Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree-UNM75327Blue Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree-UNM75327
Blue Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree-UNM75322Blue Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree-UNM75322
Dark Green Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree-UNM75321Dark Green Pure  Block Printed Kota Cotton Saree-UNM75321