New At Unnati : Inspired by the Nature, Music & Magic – Beautiful Soft Bengal Silks for you

Bengal is known for its handloom sarees from traditional times and it is small wonder that regularly you have some avatar or the other of its very many varieties, surfacing in the market and thrilling the expectant and waiting, for an offering that never fails to amaze.

The new range of Bengal soft silk sarees from Unnati Silks

The Bengal weave, be it in cotton sarees or silk sarees, is generally so finely woven that the resulting product is soft and pliable, that is extremely smooth to touch. The new range of Bengal soft silk sarees that has recently entered the market through Unnati Silks, is one such offering that has been welcomed enthusiastically. In two very popular design adornments, that have always enthralled - the Kalamkari & the Lepakshi prints, this new line of Bengal soft silks has had rare reviews for the sensuality and allure that it produces.

What is the highlighting feature of each of the prints?

Take the Kalamkari prints. Already the Machilipatnam form is known for its floral scapes and designer vines that adorn the vast field. It offers a beautiful backdrop for the theme prints in a chosen color that have come out beautifully. Let us see what we have in the range.

The popular Kalamkari designs have been taken up as block designs and on a colorful floral backdrop of a vast field, that also includes the pallu or end piece, you have the wonderful golden colored prints of various themes on deep blue, green, magenta, bridal pink, brown and other such backdrops. Peacock motifs, musical instruments like the harp, table, sitar, some vine patterns are all lovely themes, block printed in the golden color, to give a nice touch on the flowery spread. There is also the golden prints of fauna like the cow, birds like the peacock etc. that have given an added dimension to allure.

The border is nicely set as a multi-variate block designer affair that combines well with the pretty picture before us, like a nice boundary along the periphery of a floral garden.

Then what about the Lepakshi Prints?

A special art that has developed in more recent times, it is a style of adornment more popular in the Southern parts of India. The Lepakshi Prints are basically silhouettes in white color that are distributed all over a dark colored or contrasting backdrop. The theme can be any, like a small narrative to just figures spread all over the field but related to a common theme. Like a village scene that depicts humans in various forms of activity, a man walking across a street, women carrying pots on their head, a tractor or a plough lying around, domesticated farm animals lying by etc.

The white silhouettes form a sharp contrast to the deep but vibrant colors within which they are found. The base colors are vibrant and eye-catching like sky blue, indigo, black, pink, brown, black that nicely highlight them.

Once again you have the beautiful combinations of a fine art with the finely crafted designs of block prints sarees in a variety of patterns upon the border and sometimes the Pallu. There could be the temple design on the inner side all along the length as it is a feature quite popular in certain regions of India.

When one sees the white figures on a dark background one is reminded of the Warli painting sarees which is to do with single line sketches that form figurines.

When beautiful decorative additions like the Kalamkari and Lepakshi Prints be part of a nice soft fabric like the Bengal soft silk it evokes images of the likely comfort and cool confines in any season. It only remains to be tried and tested by the wearer to uphold the veracity of this claim.

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